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When I started my first steps working for Emirates Identity Authority, I faced questions about the meaning of the Emirates ID, its aim and role, but soon, these questions faded when I saw the idea of belonging to the nation is reality lived by the authority through its leadership and all of its employees, without fanfare or outbidding, where work attribute was dominant, followed by induced quest for development in a frame of love, devotion and loyalty to the nation and its wise leadership, until Emirates ID became a unique model in the love and affiliation of the nation.

And in the great memory of the glorified union, questions about the meaning, limitation and effects of affiliation pressured my thinking.

These questions do not haunt me anymore, especially with the incarnation of the glory of the union with all meanings of affiliation, in the work of great leaders who gave their love and effort to raise the states of the nation which, thanks to their affiliation to their humanity first, and their land and people second, became a heaven sought by everyone and envied by all. So what did affiliation meant for the leaders of the nation?

Late Sheikh Zayed affiliation to himself as a human immortalized him by history in the brightest pages, and he worked hard so that his life wouldn’t past without showing the entire world what a true human is, and he worked with confident determination towards unifying the Emirates, awakening the determination of his people and inspired their mettles until the barren land turned into a green fruitful heaven, and he spread the wealth to his people, loved the nation and its children, being gentle to the young and respectful to the old. His affiliation to the humanity extended to its widest doors, that he became the best aid to the all peoples, and the helping hand to overcome troubles. He taught us that humanitarian given has no limits or boundaries.

Sheikh Khalifa, the symbol of ongoing giving, every time and everywhere, followed his method, as his white hands reached the bereaved and supported the oppressed, without bias towards a race, a color or a religion, as witnessed by Yemen, Sudan, Filipinas, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza and Jenin.

Whoever wants to understand the meaning of affiliation, needs to study the biography of Sheikh Zayed, and whoever wants to understand the meaning of following an example, should follow Sheikh Khalifa’s path, and whoever wondered about the effect of the affiliation, should look at the United Arab Emirates, the land that transferred with the grace of Allah and the affiliation and unity of its children and to a heaven on earth.


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