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For the dear nation under its shelter we rest

Its air, we breathe

Its sea, water and sand, we love

This beautiful nation, we stay awake to protect

So that our country remains strong, untouched

In love of a very beautiful country



I write these words

About our dear country, which is blessed with rational, wise and unique leadership


The word “citizen” comes out instinctively, explicitly and directly from the heart

The heart is filled with love for the only home it knows “Emirates”, a dear and precious nation, engraved deeply in the heart and attached to the soul


A homeland of goodness, dignity and justice

A homeland of pure love and noble generosity

A homeland as an end and means

Our past and our present


We thank Allah for the “leadership” bestowed upon us

It is a unique leadership inspired by the principles established by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of our country and modern civilization

A leadership that saves no effort

In the path of goodness, giving and prosperity

Under a historical leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of our country

Wise and unique leadership, enlightened thought

And genuine principles and values

A leadership that floods us with its generosity

And leaves us eager to share the love, passion and giving


It is difficult to write about what we love

It is hard to express what we feel about “Emirates”

Our Emirates

Our present and our future

Our Emirates

Our love and our passion

By: Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri Director General
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