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At times and under certain circumstances experienced by communities as well as the groups and individuals of the society, it becomes inevitable and even necessary to review a lot of firmly established convictions and values ​​that are common among people  and have become indisputable axioms. As individuals, each one of us is part of the general system of the society, and the disruption of this part has inevitably a negative impact on the total system (resembling one body, so that, if any part of the body is not
well then the whole body shares the sleeplessness (insomnia) and fever with it). The public order fever means entering into a state of instability such as sedition or chaos, for example. This is against the purposes of Shariah, logic and the alphabets of sociology and politics, considering that the top task of the society lies in taking care of people’s interests and meeting their requirements in the best way in an atmosphere of safety and peace. Based on this, zero tolerance should be shown towards anything that could conflict with this end. With this in mind, societies need to review their value, faith and moral systems from time to time in order for people and the organizations of the society not to forget!

We believe in homeland as a great faith-based value which a number of considerations such as loyalty, patriotism, sacrifice and homeland defense rest upon in such a manner that dying for one’s homeland falls under martyrdom that entitles one to enter paradise. We also believe in homeland as a material, utilitarian value, considering that a homeland is an entity meant to meet our needs and fulfill our requirements. Emotionally, we believe in our homeland because our early life and childhood are associated with it and because, by virtue of the ongoing education at home and school as well as the religious and national education classes, songs, morning assembly national anthem and many other things, this feeling grows in us as a homeland with all its meanings and manifestations until it rests as an undisputed eternal truth and becomes as sacred as religion and mother. Our mothers kept telling us this phrase: Your country is like your mothers. Do mothers nowadays say this phrase to their children or children nowadays are left to their friends and to the idea that a homeland is a job that generates a large salary and provides excellent services?

Sometimes, things get mixed in some people as they believe that it is legitimate to destroy the house (homeland) on all the inhabitants if  one day they found no place for them, realized that water and electricity were cut off, sought power, considered themselves and those with them to be the whole world and the most important component in it, or got ideas mixed together up to the point that it became possible for them to burn their country under illogical excuses and pretexts. Here, a review of the principle of loyalty to the homeland will be required and necessary, not for a group of people but for the whole society. Hence, examining the idea of ​​loyalty will become inevitable, and so will the promotion of this idea as a value and faith, and will become the task of all the organizations of the society, specifically the educational, religious and media organizations.

Let us ask ourselves if anarchy is the alternative? Who is impressed by the poor conditions seen nowadays in the countries in which revolutions erupted? Who is interested in changing stability and prosperity into chaos and destruction? Who is interested in exchanging security by fear, grace and hunger? Who and who? The answers are not in favor of those who undertake chaotic change projects; homeland is for all and no one has the right to confiscate it and envisage the way it should be changed as one likes. Therefore, the concept of homeland should be promoted as a supreme value rather than commercial, folkloric carnivals that end on the same day. This is what we all should pay attention to at this stage.

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