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“Akhbar Al-Sa’ah” bulletin highlighted UAE’s keenness to consistently and directly communicate with its citizens, pay attention to their views and ideas and learn about their needs in order to achieve the interaction and cohesion that should lead to security and stability in the country.

In its editorial entitled “Cohesion between leadership and people is the source of stability”, the bulletin referred to the statement of His Highness Lt.-General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Vice-Chairman of the Emirates Identity Authority, when he said that the unique cohesion between the prudent leadership and the UAE people is the cornerstone of the unique stability, security and welfare enjoyed in the UAE today under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Sheikh Saif made his remarks in a lecture on national security at the National Defence College in Abu Dhabi.

The bulletin, issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, clarified that the creative interaction between UAE’s leadership and citizens is one of the key characteristics of the country since its inception.

Over the past decades, this cohesion was the protecting fence to UAE’s unity experience and the solid basis for realizing miraculous achievements in the different fields of development. UAE’s wise leadership is always keen, since the days of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to directly communicate with its citizens, listen to their views and ideas and keep their doors open to them. No barriers between the leadership and people exist and no obstacles to hinder their interaction and cohesion, which is a live and practical embodiment of the meaning of democracy and the philosophy behind its objectives.

The bulletin added that the model given by our wise leadership in its relationship with the citizens has been protecting UAE’s safety and stability. It has been making the UAE’s society immune against any infiltration attempts by any extremist groups whatever their theme may be and whichever pretexts they may hide behind in order to achieve their suspected objectives that have nothing to do with the society’s values and beliefs.

The bulletin went on saying that the UAE is moving ahead towards the future full of confidence that it had established a correct and strong political and social structure, and with absolute faith that any attempts to trigger chaos in the society will fail in front of the deeply rooted belonging and loyalty Emiratis carry to their country, their full allegiance to their leadership and the values of tolerance, integration and moderation they believe in and which are being promoted and consolidated by the wise leadership’s sayings and deeds.

The article referred to the recent statements by the Secretary General of the GCC, Dr. Abdullatif Al Zayani, when he emphasized that the spirit of tolerance, love and moderation which characterizes Gulf societies, particularly in the UAE, had given them the ability to protect their countries and preserve their achievements.

The editorial concluded that the UAE adopts a comprehensive vision of the national security with citizen as its core because the citizen is a partner in building and protecting this security and is its main target. This stems from the pivotal position and utmost priority given to citizens by the prudent leadership in their policies, plans, current and future visions in a framework of the stage of empowerment launched by His Highness, the President, in 2005. The goal of the stage of empowerment is the creation of innovative environment to enable people to acquire the necessary elements of power in order to increase their participation and contribution to the various social, political, economic, and intellectual aspects of life.

Akhbar Al-Sa’ah Bulletin / Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
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