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Between the revolution of electronic technologies, irrespective of its data and outcomes, and the long experience of governments in economy and development of stable infrastructures, there is a varying relationship whose durability or fragility is judged by how these governments look at the importance of digital security or the security of space, which is wide open to all possibilities, intruders or players of countries’ earnings and infrastructures, not to mention their economies, investments and rights of their individuals and citizens.

Based on this, the UAE was actually among the leading countries to put its electronic hallmark in this space and provide a unique form of digital safety, which is recognized by dedicated experts from all over the world, and is still developing safe technologies and racing against time to confirm its commanding lead in achieving compatibility between the technological revolution and stability in dealing, trading and transactions in addition to the security that every capital aspiring for investment is looking for.

The UAE has the right to be proud of its leading achievements in this connection as evidenced by its recent step of registering all the UAE population in the population register and ID card project and possessing the world’s largest database of biometrics used to identify people through their unique characteristics that can neither be transferred to others nor be forgotten or stolen. These include fingerprints, palm of the hand, retina and iris in addition to some facial features. They also include personal behaviors such as signature, voice, key-clicking style and walking, each of which has its own qualities that are compatible with the requirements of the different security systems.

Add to this the use of the world’s latest smart ID card to safely enable e-transformation and e-economy by providing a secure, integrated and advanced system for managing the personal ID in the UAE, thereby contributing to strengthening the elements of security and global competitiveness of the UAE.

This achievement in digital security has won great global acclaim of many experts in this sector due to its completion speed, accurate information and comprehensive coverage. Undoubtedly, this has supported the UAE infrastructure and strengthened the defense factors against any transgressions that may be committed by anyone in the space of electronic dealing.

Actually, the great efforts exerted by the Emirates Identity Authority in this connection must be noted and commended. These efforts showed the UAE’s ongoing bid to consolidate the mainstays of safe digital economy by capitalizing on the advanced applications of technology within the smart ID management system. This has rendered the UAE one of the leading countries to activate the use of smart technology applications in the public and private sectors following its success in possessing the world’s largest database of civil integrated biometrics within its own registration system.

Everyone knows that digital security using the latest technology and data, has become an important factor in shaping and building the future of the new economy and also consolidating its mainstays. It also plays a role in promoting the national and individual security, enforcing law and developing e-commerce transactions amidst warnings by many digital economy specialists that the countries of the world will be susceptible to extensive cyber attacks targeting their national infrastructures over the coming 15 years, while their governments will face unlimited challenges to maintain their economic and social gains provided by the digital world which we live in today, as confirmed by Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Emirates ID Director General, during the digital security summit hosted by the UAE recently.

Based on these warnings, which must be taken into consideration and paid due attention, it seems incumbent on the national strategies to enhance the security of knowledge-based economy and e-commerce and to protect the digital network of these strategies from cyber threats, though this requires co-operation at all international, corporate and individual levels.

In this regard, the UAE had a leading and remark able experience in developing public services and supporting the development of digital economy through the ID management system and was able to provide high levels of security and reliability.

Noora Al Suwaidi, Al Bayan newspaper

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