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These days, the UAE enjoys the celebration on the occasion of the 41 National Day. The UAE Citizens are patriots -to the bone- in their love to their country and in the ways they express that love.  It is rare that we hear a UAE citizen complaining about the situations in his country, but if you thought of the opportunities (on all levels) available to the UAE citizen, you would realize that there are no reasons to complain.

I am often impressed by the spontaneous relation between key society figures and people in the UAE. The UAE official, whether a Sheikh a Minister or a businessman, is known for his modesty and closeness to people around him. The Emirati young man achieves the “Dreams of His life”, including a career, a house and a family, at young age. Public and private intuitions supporting the youth’s projects and motivates them to be creative and innovative.

The level of services in the country has reached a number that is difficult to compete with, even when comparing UAE to international countries that have had a head-start of decades over the UAE.

I have been living in the UAE for 8 years, like thousands of youth from the region, and I wonder, what has tempted me to come to live and work in the UAE?

The answer is that “Opportunity” that I have found in the UAE and nowhere else. I know Arabs who have migrated from their new countries, USA, Canada and Europe, and decided to come and live in the UAE.

The UAE citizen invests in a patriot and intelligent way in this atmosphere that attracts ideas and creativity, and he is proud that his country has established an environment that is opened-minded to others, which attracted more capitals, minds and creative ideas.

And when Sheikh “Abdulla Bin Zayed” adopted the “Flag on our house” initiative, residents of the UAE, citizens and expats alike, raced to raise the UAE flag over their houses, in a response that represents a minor fraction of the people’s love to a country that has given them opportunities of a lifetime to achieve ambition and peaceful living.

Sulaiman Al Hatlan, “Al Sharq” – Saudi Arabia
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