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Brothers and sisters, on my way now to the Cabinet meeting, I feel that much positive energy is running throughout the UAE. It is an energy filled with love, giving and work. I call upon everyone without exception to direct their momentums to build a future carrying welfare and prosperity for us, our children and our families. We ask God to reward us for our endeavors to develop the UAE. These were the words of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum while on his way to the Cabinet meeting yesterday through his Twitter account. These were inspiring words for the sons and daughters of this nation who follow the Prime Minister, his high spirits, messages and calls. Through these words, I was certain about the positive results that the meeting will yield. Through this message, I realized the amount of work and efforts exerted by the Cabinet to serve the nation and its people, the national priorities.

We all have to realize the responsibility upon our shoulders to maintain this nation, enhance its abilities, further its accomplishments and continue the process of overall development adopted by the state in a way that impressed the entire world. We should continue achieving successes and adding new scenes of creativity and innovation. This is the goal that our leaders constantly seek to achieve. No one should think that the accomplishments of our country and achievements of the government and leadership are their concern only. No one should think that the process of building a developed nation is the responsibility of the leaders and government only; the citizen is directly concerned with the reputation, achievements and strong global standing of the UAE which we are very proud of among nations and peoples worldwide. Our responsibility is to contribute with our strength, determination and perseverance in the challenge undertaken by our state. With the strength of the sons and daughters of the nation, developmental building takes place and the wheel of overall development on which the state relies since the formation of the union shall keep rotating. The UAE was and still is a model and example that is followed in different arenas. It is a valuable harvest that we should maintain and ameliorate by hard and honest work. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s message calling for directing our energies to build a future carrying welfare for us, our children and families to develop the UAE should be our guide towards prosperity, work, success and progress, which we aim to achieve. Through work, devotion and commitment, the boundless ambitions of the UAE can be achieved. The UAE always accepted challenges calling for building and accomplishment to achieve glory for this nation and its people. This love was instilled in each of us by our leaders who encourage us to be in the leading position and always in pursue of more achievements, successes and pride for our cherished UAE. If these were the ambitions of the Cabinet and its leaders, there is no doubt that they are correctly leading our nation towards glory and progress.

By: Mohammed Eissa, Al Ittihad
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