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The UAE people have the right to rejoice and be happy and even be proud of their 41st National Day, but it is their duty to know and understand the efforts made by the prudent leadership, especially the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the owner of the idea of the union, who charted the way and policy that took the UAE to such a level that allowed every UAE citizen to be proud of it, saying “I am Emarati.”

The prudent leadership knew how to employ these resources for the happiness of its people and glory, progress and welfare of the UAE. This yielded fruits to all UAE citizens which were shared by other millions of people living in the UAE.

With the wise leadership adopting peace as its approach and justice as its goal, the UAE has become the oasis of security and safety.

A leadership with a vision that adopted logic and science and was not satisfied with only money and oil. As a result, it set progress as its goal and used it to overcome the impossible and plant the desert and the sea but did not forget culture and arts.

A tolerant leadership, which never assaulted others and was marked with genuine humanitarian morals, was a fine example of co-existence by opening its heart for all races. More than 206 nationalities are living in its land who speak more than 100 languages and belonged to many ethnic groups and religions.

A generous leadership that provided support at all Arab, foreign, African and Asian levels including cities, hospitals, bridges and playgrounds, indicating the best the UAE can do.

Go deeperا in reading history and look around you; examples are many. A lot of countries were granted more than the UAE was blessed but lacked the prudent leadership. Consequently, they remained unchanged while others lost their position and suffered from scarcity of security and safety.

See how the UAE was 41 years ago and what it has become today and remember what the UAE builder the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah have mercy upon him, said: “Land obeys the men who have hope and are able to challenge the future.”

So, protect and adhere to your union and let your motto be what Sheikh Zayed said: “The union lives in my mind and my heart and is the dearest thing in my life. I cannot imagine that one day I would allow any alienation or complacency about its future.”

May Allah save the UAE and its people and all Muslim countries

Samir Irfan, News Director
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