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The words of the speech of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President echoed in all corners of this generous nation while addressing representatives of the UAE people in the opening of the second ordinary session of the Federal National Council (FNC).

In his speech given on his behalf by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, he reinforced the values upon which the UAE was founded making it a haven for citizens and expatriates alike. These values are based on a constitution that primarily protects rights and freedoms enabling a healthy and right atmosphere for the nation and its citizens to accomplish progress and full development in all fields. This ensured turning the UAE into an oasis of security, safety and stability as well as prosperity and progress.

These achievements were the result of insight and visionary programs of the wise leadership inspired by the approach of the founding leader and father Zayed bin Sultan based on the notion that securing a human being in his homeland and providing them with the resources they need is key to progress of the nation and citizen. Under this awareness, the national structure was established and reinforced creating an experience of unique model to be followed in building, coexistence and tolerance and enjoying high recognition at the regional and international level.

The words of the leader of the march under the “Blue Dome” and in front of representatives of the UAE people were a confirmation of commitment of the political leadership to continue the march of this nation towards larger and further horizons by reinforcing the law and protection of rights and freedoms based on the constitution directing the performance of various authorities and institutions in the UAE.

The speech was also a stress on commitment to enrich the parliamentary experience in the enablement age launched by leader of the march in his speech on the occasion of the 34th national day 2005 which represented a historical turn in building the nation and parliamentary work being as old as the nation itself. The FNC turns 41 next February. It is a commitment based on values and idiosyncrasies of this society.

The speech urged citizens to move forward with more will and determination to continue enhancing the accomplishments of this nation and protect its security and stability through more sincere and hard work and supporting the leadership and national solidarity. The speech and occasion were also an opportunity for those wishing to know the idiosyncratic experience of the UAE and its achievements in the fields of human rights, protection of freedoms, respect for cultures and raising the values of coexistence and tolerance away from unilateral reports of doubtful goals of these suspicious organizations.

The experience of national work in the UAE created a unique model of a society denouncing division, racism, extremism and partiality, supporting values of love, cooperation and openness and directing its capacities towards work and building for the prosperity and dignity of the human being in his own homeland. This society extends a hand of friendship to everyone and is keen on helping deprived communities without discrimination because of color, race or belief. This is the essence of values upon which the UAE was founded guiding it towards the future to achieve “enablement” for the prosperity of human beings on the land of the UAE and humanity in general.


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