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While the 40th national day approaches, ideas are put on paper and flow like the seasons of life. It is writing derived from the ink of the nation and its alphabet.

Today, we compare between the weeks of celebrating the national day and other regular weeks, before and after 2 December. Institutions today are racing and competing to excel in their celebrations. Everyone wants to have the most creative and distinguished festivities. Everyone wants their celebration days to be the best and the most beautiful as if these few days summarize the last forty years, or the last four decades of our lives, which are really our life.

Our cities, villages and streets, especially the coastal ones, witnessed spectacular events of festivities. The celebration is an embodiment of the glory and role of the march. The last forty years are the march of a people and a nation. After the festivities and paradesare over, we should remember that the main march will continueand will persist onlyby the support, participation and contribution of everyone. Each person participating in the festivities is invited to take an effective, profound and insightful participation in the Grand National march.


Each in their position indeed, it is not meant for this article to turn into a piece of composition that is taught at schools, But the words here are well-planned and elaborate. Words here are derived from the heart and mind. The role of people participating in the parades and celebrations is important and recognized, but your role still goes on after the national day so that all our days become national days deserving celebration.

Whether you are a participant or a spectator, there is no compromise in the national march. Merely watching and passiveness are not acceptable or tolerated.

You are not a separate part of the scene; you are rather at the center of it. You are the person and the tools used. You are your future and the future of others.

By: Ibn Al Deira Al Khaleej Newspaper
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