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Sun is visible to all; it lies in the middle of the sky, surrounding the horizon and send its light around the universe.

Thou son of Emirates, like sunshine, serves your entire universe. Thou, the ambitious with unlimited hope and a heart filled with wishes. You are utilizing all what you have to be a pioneer in a better future. There are no limits of your ambition and overcoming the obstacles and difficulties as you used to do to be dignified among the great.

Thou son of Emirates, has lived in this country and grown up in its lab so you wished it best life with a bright future as you hoped, underlying on determination and high will to get your goal and be proud at your home.

You moved with high intention, distancing yourself away from the humiliation with your mind and power motivated so you changed the unreality into reality.

Thou son of Emirates, the generous where ever you are, and you who followed (if any of you worked hard, he will achieve his aim, even to get the Chandelier) as your method in life, so you did your best to reach your aim announcing at the end to the world: I am the son of this land.

You are here now son of Emirates, among our honored authority and identity. You have contributed to achieve one of the most vital projects in this country, as the basic hand that constitute this authority, pushed by your ambition, offering the best to protect this country.

You have worked sincerely thou son of Emirate, son of authority and son of identity, so you became famous and your gifts are unlimited because you know very well that you help your home, serve your land, and protect your country, we are very pleased with you and the country is pleased with its sons.

By: Khaolah Muhammad Said Al Tayr HR Manager
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