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Our lives are full of situations, some of which are repeated but leave no effect on us while others are rare and are never forgotten but remain in our memory as a beautiful spectrum wished to return.

In this article of mine, I am going to tell you about a situation that I passed through while working in the Emirates Identity Authority’s  customer service, a situation that I could not forget though it took place two years ago.

One morning, I prepared myself well and came to work as a new employee under training. I was assigned to work in the reception section, which is the front section of the center where customers have to stop by to ensure that their required documents are complete and are told where to go for completing their transactions.

In that morning and while more customers were heard coming into the center, I was surprised at an angry customer standing in front of me and nervously posing a question: “What is your name?” “Raya”, I answered. “Shame on you!”, he replied back.

Although he exceeded all acceptable limits, I tried hard to hide my anger and control my reaction so as to know why he was angry. It was found that he did not receive the ID card of his daughter although a long time elapsed since her transaction was completed. I asked him to accompany me to the official, who would help him in resolving the issue.

At first, I had a challenge with the internal conflict that left me with two choices: either to help him and absorb his anger or to file a complaint because he offended me. I, however, opted for the first choice and the day was over just like other days with the issue being entirely forgotten.

Two days later, I moved for help desk training where an employee would be required to try hard to respond to all the inquiries of callers. I received a call which surprised me as it was from somebody asking for an employee named Raya. “Speaking, what can I do for you?”, I replied. He  said: “I want to apologize for what I said two days ago. God knows that you were very kind and generous as you will always be. I offended you and treated you harshly but you did not respond in the same way. I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to you for your positive response to my offence.”

I replied: “I forgot the whole issue as if nothing happened.” He thanked me again. His call had a great effect on me as it healed the wounds that I sustained two days ago.

Those who read about the life of prophets and God-fearing people will find that they were close to perfection in terms of knowledge and faith thanks only to their truthfulness and forgiveness. It was one of their morals to forgive those who offended them in word or in deed, giving the humanity lessons about the true meaning of morality. An example on this is Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) who repelled his brothers’ envy, slander and conspiracy by forgiving them at a time he was in power and could impose the toughest punishments on them.


Raya Hilal Al Darmaki- Registration Executive -Fujairah Customer Service Center
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