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Saying About Emirates ID

Head of the International Affairs Division of the Directorate General for Home Affairs of the European Commission:


The UAE, represented by the Emirates Identity Authority, is competing with the European experience in the field of information security and identity verification and excels in strategic planning and in adopting the best practices in environmental technology. In this connection, I must laud the UAE achievements in the area of advanced ID management in cooperation with the European Union in the area of information exchange and coordination, especially in light of the new global challenges that require governments to cooperate and be well-prepared.

Joseph Nugent

Director of Passport Services, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland


The Emirates Identity Authority is distinguished for its leading experience of registering all the UAE population in the Population Register System in 2012 and moving to a more important stage in its national process of development for serving the top interest of the UAE. It is also distinguished for its close and fruitful cooperation with the world’s most important decision-makers and technology pioneers for developing more reliable solutions in the areas of civil affairs, communications and Security.

Silima Pereira

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Tanzania


The Emirates Identity Authority has developed the best techniques in the digital ID procedure management engineering field. Its hosting of the ID World Abu Dhabi 2014 Summit is clear evidence on the regional and international importance attached to the UAE and its esteemed Emirates ID.

Eric M. Molale

Permanent Secretary to the President and Secretary to Cabinet


The Emirates Identity Authority has achieved many outstanding accomplishments in the field of using the smart ID card and enabling the delivery of government services on mobile phones on a large scale. Add to this the Emirates ID’s ongoing quest to discuss the most important issues related to the digital ID and its management with key international experts.

Abdul Karim Sultan Abdullah Sinjari

Minister of the Interior, Kurdistan


The UAE experience in the area of digital ID strategy development is a knowledge and technical experience countries around the world can benefit from while they seek to develop individual identity verification systems. This helps expand the safe use of online ID verification. We are pleased to see the size of development and progress of the UAE as well as the UAE leadership’s aspirations towards achieving the best for its people, this being a source of inspiration to us in Iraq.

Major General Tareq al-Mahdi

Governor of Alexandria


I congratulate the Emirates Identity Authority for its efforts for supporting the knowledge society at the local and global levels. We also thank our brothers in the UAE for well reception and hospitality they are known for.

Ibrahim Mohamed Adam

Minister of Posts and Telecommunication, Somalia


I sincerely thank the Emirates Identity Authority for giving me the opportunity to be familiar with its rich experience, which is an example to follow in the digital ID management field. I consider the UAE is my second homeland as I have worked as a professor in its universities for more than 6 years. It is always to my pleasure to come back to the UAE where the wheel of construction and development keeps running, thank God.

Reinhard Posch

Chief Executive Officer of IT Sector at the Austrian Federal Government


The presence and use of the appropriate electronic ID techniques is becoming more important on the Internet. We congratulate the Emirates Identity Authority for its tireless efforts, its cooperation with the best international experts to bridge the gap between the highest levels of security and technology on one hand and the daily life on the other, and its contribution to developing various potentials with respect to the ICT and the ID in particular.

Jan De Kinder

Director General, National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology, Belgium


By hosting the ID World Abu Dhabi 2014 Summit, the Emirates Identity Authority enabled us to bridge the gap among companies, institutions and decision-makers. It was wonderful to view institutional steps, technological solutions and social effects from all around the world. Events like this summit in which experiences are exchanged is a fundamental element for the progress of the international community towards a successful future.

Minerva Novero-Belec

eGovernment and Access to Information Policy Specialist, Bureau for Development Policy, United Nations Development Program


The Emirates Identity Authority gave us a wonderful opportunity to view its tight strategic plans and achievements with respect to investment in modern technologies, particularly the communication and information storage and circulation technologies. It also enabled us to be familiar with its role in enhancing the efficiency of government performance and providing the best services to customers. Through working with the Emirates Identity Authority, we were able to develop a better understanding of the new orientations in the field of establishing partnerships between the public and private sectors with the aim of supporting economies and promoting growth opportunities.

Dr. Nawaf Tubaishat

Advisor to the Arab Organization for Administrative Development


The Emirates Identity Authority has such ingredients that enable it to be one of the most superior institutions in the field of digital ID and its applications, particularly with respect to harnessing the modern technology to serve the development orientations of the UAE and provide the best services to its citizens and residents.

David Dale

Director General of Investors in People International


I must praise the Emirates Identity Authority’s vision, strategic plans and diligent effort to develop a world-class services organization aimed at upgrading customer service by providing excellent internal services to its employees. The Emirates ID has always pursued its quest towards excellence in all aspects of work through its commitment to improve the standard of its work by developing its human cadres.

International expert “Richard Kirby”

Regional Consultant at the United Nation for managing the Electronic Government for social and economic affairs.


Mr. Richard Kirby, Regional Consultant at the United Nation for managing the Electronic Government for social and economic affairs, said that the researches of the Emirates Identity Authority will form excellent and important sources for researchers in the field of digital identity and many other modern issues, confirming that the UN will include these researches to its general library and will publish them on its website, to make it available for researchers. He added that the Emirates Identity Authority is considered among the best government experiences in the world, with regards to its contribution in providing “Open” data for the government work system in the United Arab Emirates.

Professor Austin Long

Member of the “Arnold A. Saltzman” and “ University of Colombia” – USA.


What the UAE have achieved of progress in the area of biometric data collection and registration, matches what was achieved by the United States of America and the United Kingdom, and the methodology of the United Arab Emirates in collecting biometric data for its residents, with the aim of reinforcing the individual and national security, is considered a model for the rest of the world.

Riad Kahwaji

Chief Executive at the “Near East and Gulf Institute for Military Analysis”


Mr. Riad Kahwaji, the Chief Executive at the “Near East and Gulf Institute for Military Analysis” , the achievement of the Emirates Identity Authority, in the area of registering all citizens and expats living in its lands in the population register system, and maintaining their biometric data in order to reinforce the personal identity for its residents and develop mechanisms of identity authentication, whether through its border or on the electronic networks

H.E Krestya Keoro

Finnish Minister of Housing and Telecommunications


The Authority’s experience is considered among the best government experiences across the world, considering its contribution in supporting the government work system on a UAE level, benefiting from the Digital ID project.

Juak Jyong Huan

Vice Consul of South Korean Embassy in the UAE


The identity project in the UAE is a successful model of integrated information technology systems. This motivates us in South Korea to seek to work with the Emirates Identity Authority in order to capitalize on its expertise and optimize its experience in this area.

Professor Robert Kaplan

Strategic planning expert at Harvard Business School


Professor Kaplan praised the Emirates Identity Authority’s strategic plan and believed that the results achieved by the Emirates ID in the light of its strategic plan 2010-2013 are considered as a universal model in the field of preparing strategic plans. He demonstrated this through the strategic targets that the Emirates ID was able to achieve within its time plan. Professor Kaplan also commended the pivotal role played by the Emirates ID at the level of the smart card industry and the development of digital sectors based on the means of verification of personal identity.

Ronald Noble

Secretary General of International Criminal Police Organization “Interpol”


Ronald Noble, Secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization “Interpol” praised the concept of identity in the UAE, noting that this concept would be of great benefit in the near future for facing the organized criminal activities and detecting identity frauds, which are considered as a challenge and a direct threat to security and stability worldwide.

Suvi Lindén

International Telecommunication Union’s Special Envoy to Broadband Commission for Digital Development


It is really amazing to see a project of the magnitude of the identity project which is being implemented in the UAE, given the level of technological maturity that the project was able to reach, which will inevitably play a pivotal role in developing the public sector

Frank Leyman

Manager, International Relations, Federal Public Service information and Communication Technology in Belgium


The digital identity system in the UAE is one of the most powerful systems in the world, both in terms of the techniques it uses or the technological development it pursues. I expect that the system will have a significant effect on building an integrated electronic government model.

H.E. Rehman Malik

Pakistani Interior Minister


I would like to pay tribute to the tangible developments made by the UAE in all fields under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may Allah protect him. I would like also to commend the ambitious digital identity card project, which is being implemented by the Emirates Identity Authority and has rendered the UAE one of the world’s most advanced countries in terms of implementing this kind of vital and strategic projects.

Niels Solberg

Microsoft Public Sector Vice President


It gives me great pleasure to express my admiration for the great projects of Emirates ID Authority, its systems, regulations and initiatives aiming at the development of a secure integrated infrastructure for authenticating the personal ID in UAE, and that aiming at maintaining an accurate population register, and providing innovative e-services. I would like also to pay tribute to ICA achievements that serve as successful models and good examples in the field of excellence in the provision of government services. We, at Microsoft Corporation, look forward to build a strategic partnership with the Emirates Identity Authority, and support it with technologies that would upgrade the work of its technological systems, and we affirm that the Corporation is fully prepared to provide the most advanced technological solutions pertaining to maintaining data privacy and the means of confronting the technological challenges related to the management of such projects.

Frank Paul

Director of Technological Systems and Biotechnologies at the European Commission


The population register and ID card program in the UAE is a pioneering project in terms of its objectives and components. Once completed, the program will become an example to follow.

Andy Green

Chief Executive Officer of Logica


We are keen on boosting mutual co-operation relationships with the Emirates Identity Authority. We reiterate our company’s commitment to its responsibilities towards the strategic projects that are being carried out by the Emirates Identity Authority and will provide all forms of support to make a success of these projects in the best way possible.

Luc Vanneste

Director General, Institutions and Population Home Office, Belgium


“Despite the fact that it’s a relatively new entity, the Emirates Identity Authority has succeeded in establishing itself internationally. ICA’s strategy 2010-2013 is a model of a developed strategic thinking. Its value stems from its projects and ambitious initiatives.”

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