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It is sadly true that most of us cannot accept others’ opinions. Many of us have yet to embrace such civilized attitude of respecting the opinion of other people. We strictly cling to our opinion while holding others’ opinions as being worthless merely because they are different.

My question is: “Are we, as employees, fully convinced that opinions may differ?” I will not exaggerate by trying to embrace the saying “I might not agree with you, but I am ready to die so that you may express your opinion”. My aim in the very least is aiming to embrace the saying that “Disagreement does not yield resentment”!

Accepting and respecting other people’s opinions without spite or bitterness is a key component of civility. Such attitude should be fostered in us from an early age and embraced in dealing with all employees. It is not a spontaneous attitude that can be acquired in a day or two, but rather an attitude that is expected to develop as we grow up. There are scientific techniques to nurture and consolidate such practice that we are in dire need of.

We need to convince all employees to accept others’ opinions without any sense of resentment or defensiveness. We need to overcome any prejudice or stereotypical barriers, and to differentiate between d with disagreeing with the opinion of another person and personal grudge. We also need to define the line between disharmony of ideas and disharmony of personalities.

We need all the above in order to form a sound public opinion for all our issues. Through such public opinion, solutions and ideas are born that can address all matters, however big or small they are, in this authority. They also help us reach the authority’s desired goal and achieve its strategy in a successful manner.

Mahmoud Al AliRegistration AdministratorSharjah Registration Centre
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