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Many people seek to gain the friendliness and respect of others while they may sometimes behave in a way that does not reflect self-respect. Examples on this include causing inconvenience to other people around them by words or actions, paying no attention to conversation etiquette and uttering abrasive terms.

Respect is acquired when an individual lives honestly with others and treats them politely and respectfully, because one’s respect for oneself is the basis for one’s respect for others. Those who respect and trust themselves will be able to have high self-esteem and this will reflect on their behavior  towards others by dealing with people the same way they like to be treated.

It is emphasized by psychologists that one’s respect for oneself  is the mainstay that one needs for facing life’s challenges and that most of one’s decisions and actions are based on such respect, which leads to  psychological balance through which one can deal with others and gain their respect.

People  who are able to respect themselves are known for their diplomatic skills; they avoid getting into conflicts with others, particularly in the event of conflicting views, because this will add to the severity of the problem and threatens the continuity of relations. They are also known for their ability to evaluate their actions and to hold themselves accountable for their mistakes one by one in case they have caused any offence.

Good listening to others is also a fundamental pillar of self-esteem because listening to different viewpoints makes a debate useful and successful as it eliminates all forms of intolerance and non-acceptance of others’ opinions.

People who respect themselves usually have a great deal of responsibility; they do not even hesitate to admit their mistakes and do not force those around them to change themselves, considering that they are responsible for their actions. They also avoid hating others and feel no malice against them when they commit mistakes that are often unintended.

This is a call to all of us to show self-respect and concern for upgrading our morals and behaviors and to accept each other so that we can all contribute to serving our country and developing our society.

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