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In the morning or even in the evening, I run the engine of my car, heading for my worksite in Fujairah. I arrive there earlier than the scheduled time while I am full of energy and vitality and very elegant.

The iron traffic barrier is openedand I enter the registration center and see my place in the lobby waiting for me.

I put my finger over the plastic biometric time attendance machine fixed to the wall, salute my colleagues and take my place behind the reception desk.

The glass door in front of me begins to work hydraulically, receivingcustomers and leaving to me the task of fulfilling their requirements.

I put a smile on my face whenever the door is opened and strive for my smile to be integrated, coherent and flexible before a customer arrives at my place.

A smile should remain consistent regardless of the mood of the customer. I try as much as possible to adapt as a chameleon, changingmy color as required by the case andthe surrounding circumstances.

If a customer is in a state of full satisfaction, I offer my services at will.

But if a customer is nervous, I try to absorb his anger, calm him down and even put a smile on his face by offering him/her candy. Sometimes, I am lucky but sometimes I am rebuked without a guilt.

This continues until the office hours are over: The door opens and closes, I put a smile on my face whenever a customer comes in and try to keep smiling as much as possible throughout the day or the evening.

It is a state of emergency that does not come to and until the office hours are over when I salute my colleagues and use the biometric time attendance machine for departure.

My day ends; the charger of my smile is no longer working and I am not elegant any more. I start my car back home for my daily life.

I get ready to charge my smile again; tomorrow is another day in serving my country and a smile is the basis of work in the Emirates Identity Authority.

NooraAl Naqbi
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