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I will always believe that the core principle lies in passion for work by the employee…

The question is…

When do we love work?

Why don’t we love work?

We might not loathe our work (jobs), but we still do not love them.

It is always noticed that an employee finds excuses to avoid going to work.

Once he leaves work, he is happy and cheerful as if he is a prisoner who is unexpectedly released.

He wakes up early but yearns to be absent from work.

He finds pleasure and comfort in not going to work even for one day.


The problem with many people is that they look at work from the salary perspective. This is a real problem because you find many people going to their job feeling miserable and frustrated although they may have a high position and salary.

On the other hand, we notice a group of employees who perform their work in the early morning happily and cheerfully and welcome others with a smile and sincere greeting, although they may be simple workers and handcrafters of modest salaries.


Every person can achieve the success they are seeking in any field, provided they love and foster passion in their work and be committed to it. They should not deal with their work as a daily imprisonment out of which they impatiently wait to be released.


Love for work is not a dose of medicine that we take once and recover, but it is a continuous effort as long as a person is alive.


God created human beings with varying interests and skills to practice the professions they enjoy, putting in mind their capacity to achieve success each in their own field.


Work is not an “inevitable evil” rather, an “indispensible virtue” for you and for the society around you.


Tip: You should always go outside your comfort zone, otherwise you will never expand your horizons

Amani Ahmed Al Hosani Training and Development Administrator Human Resources Department
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