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should have been under the spotlight in all its aspects as it carries true meaning of good and search to deliver it through credible and objective means. Charity work aims to bring happiness to those who need it unhindered by any preconceptions, conflicting opinions, lack of experience or influence of others. This beautiful interposition must be used as an approach to charity work by humanitarian foundations in the UAE, which already endeavor to do that. Charity work is also a noble value in our life that we must instill in our children so that the human being becomes the ultimate criterion of good away from all racial and religious complications and divides. Humanitarian work should be purely from the hearts of donors to the hearts of recipients. His Highness told an interesting story from his experience in his early life which he derived from his father, founder of the UAE renaissance Sheikh Zayed. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed says: “In the late 1980s, I visited an African country and after my return, my father asked me about the state, social condition and conditions of living in this country in detail. He asked: What did you do for them? And I answered: I did not do anything because they belong to a different religion. My father held my hand tightly and looked me in the eyes for a few seconds and said: God who created you created them as well, so go and dig a well for them. Now, there are 29 wells in this place as well as hospitals, medical centers and wells in 27 other villages. I know Bill Gates as a close friend but what I recently knew about him is that, even though he is a non-Muslim, he gave out two billion dollars to end poliomyelitis in three Muslim countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Northern Nigeria which proves that charitable and humanitarian work surpasses races, beliefs and nationalities”.

Partnership in doing pure good, whether among individuals or institutions, can save the world and change it to a better place by encouraging scientific research and lab experiments to save humans from diseases and natural disasters or work on the health of humans and future challenges for the good of all humanity. The goal of partnership of charity work is to extend a hand to end pain of every human everywhere where poverty can bring along ignorance, disease, murder, death, self-destruction and elimination of others.


Nasser Al Dhaheri, Al Ittihad newspaper
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