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A UAE citizen has every right to be happy whenever his country makes a new achievement and flies with colors.

The UAE has been rankedfirst in the world forits efficient financial policy. This is, by all accounts, an unprecedented accomplishment.

He/she should be cheerful but sensiblewhile expressing the feelings towards every new accomplishment of far-reaching and efficient work.

It is unquestionable that we are the country of initiatives and ambitious people. We are the home of distinguished relations between the leadership and the people. We are the home of the dynamic government, which works hard at present, keeping an eye on the future and wholeheartedly working in the interest, convenience and welfare of each and every citizen.

We are those who belong to the country of comprehensive and balanced development. We are the country in which government has laid down the efficient financial policy, where everything is properly kept. The witty observer should revise the laws and decisions on the general budget of the federation and aspects of expenditure over the past years to ensure how this nascent state has painstakingly endeavored to create a better life for its citizens, as if that goal is on top of all other objectives.

Everything has been kept in its right place, or as is where the government expenditure is required to be , in a sense that it is rationalized. The matter, however, did not reach that point overnight, but ran on its normal course towards evolution. The budget, when chalked out, considered the performance against the budgetary items, and spending is made according to a plan and conceived outcome.

UAE today is the first country worldwide in terms of the efficiency of government financial policy.

Therefore, and on this occasion, the Emirati should be delighted, and can see the difference when compares his country with other Arab countries which have the same financial resources. The UAE has – in a span of short time and since the inception of the Federation – made a quantum leap and achieved a lot.

Other Arab countries which have the same financial powers, or even much more, squandered them for they subject the wealth to personal mood and mismanagement.  Instead of putting things on the right place, spending in the said countries was allocated to fictitious and unreal prioritized projects and programs. This eventually led to disasters which the world by and large has seenlive.

In the UAE, praise be to Allah, the matter is different. Acitizen has the right to be happy butreciprocally he/she should continue dedication and work hard, always looking forward to the future, belonging to this land, being loyal to the leadership and contributing to the efforts of a government that determinedly wants to score top places worldwide. It is now clearing the hurdles with great success to reach the apex.

Ibn Al Deira, AlKhaleej Newspaper
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