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The announcement by the Ministry of Interior of a two-month extension for violators of the residency law starting from 4 December 2012 until 4 February 2013 was right in place for many reasons.

This extension will allow all residency violators who wish to leave to return to their countries without incurring any financial or moral repercussions as violators will be exempted from all resulting fines if they choose to leave the country voluntarily. The second useful thing is that the UAE will get rid of not a few numbers of violators, which should reflect positively on the infrastructure and security in general.

Observers stressed that the number of violators is not big due to many measures and decisions taken by the UAE thus limiting their number and presence notably the eye print that since its application in 2002 until now has prevented about 600,000 persons from entering the country being already deported or not allowed to enter the UAE. In addition, the ID card system and other forms of organization that are followed in the citizenship and residency departments limited the number of violators or those who want to stay in the UAE illegally.

One violation brings in another. It should be noted that some individuals become violators by force or circumstances push them to commit a violation such as being laid off from work or expiration of their visiting visa and not wanting to leave the country.

Some of those people who were forced by circumstances to commit a violation continued in their new situation without being aware of the unfavorable consequences. He/she does not want to leave the country either because of their love for the UAE or because of reasons related to the situation in their home country.

Due to their violation, many could not renew their ID card, could not renew their car registration and could not renew the residence visas of their children thus depriving them from education.

After being secure at work and occupancy, he/she became chased by all entities due to their negligence regarding their residency status in addition to bad financial conditions and consequent bank claims of loans and credit cards, hence being chased by law or wanted for arrest.

How many of these violators had a car accident and reported it to the police but due to their violations fell into a big “trouble” and found themselves behind bars due to their violations, checks, tuition, licenses and many others.

Non-official or illegal residency exposes us to many problems. In any country, a foreigner is required to be staying legally before sustaining a job, food and any other thing. This extension given by the Ministry of Interior is another chance for those violators to get things under control.

Jamal Douiri, Al Khaleej Newspaper
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