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You may be surprised at the title of the article and may think that itcannot possibly be true and that the idea that no passwords will be needed to log into your email account, your computer or a certain site or social network is impossible or hard to believe at least now. Honestly, your assumption is true; how is it possible to dispense with passwords?

Nowadays, hacking and piracy have become common and it has become easy for hackers to steal other people’s passwords by only using your computer or browsing some of its contents. Passwords today have become one of the necessities of this age of technology. Dispensing with passwords is like giving up your privacies to millions of people in the open sea called the Internet. Despite the importance of passwords, IBM scientists predict thatwithin five years, computers and smart phones will be able to mind-read, i.e. your smartphone will be able to read your mind to perform a particular action without the need to press a button or say it loud. This technology is similar to Siri on Apple’s new iPhone 4S.

IBM asserted that there are many other technological innovations that will see the light soon, foremost among these major changes, according to IBM, is disappearance of passwords which will be substituted by “biometric data”. Your biological makeup will be the key to your individual identity.

Among the technology companies that have started adopting this approach, which is dispensing with passwords, is Google, through its latest version of Android that can read facial features in place of passwords to log into a computer, or log into your email account. In the near future, I believe that the no-password approach will not be as startling. The process of creating your password, typing it and remembering it for multiple accounts and log-ins will sooner or later be something from the past. You will not need to remember it or write it down on a paper locked away in fear someone might see it. You will not need to hide your fingers while typing your password at the ATM in fear an eye might catch it. Within the next few years, your password will be (You), so make sure “you” don’t get stolen.


Source: Al-Ittihad
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