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Realizing  that human beings are responsible before God for the things that have been done, as well as things that have not been done; one’s perception of some mathematical concepts will definitely change.

No doubt; reaching this belief and working based on it, will put human beings on a (new path) where “Collective Egoism” will take precedence over “Individual Egoism”, and hence will lead them to be more responsible concerning the social solidarity system which is considered a vital element in building individuals’ patriotism and instilling the concept of social responsibility deep in them.

Being honest to God in all deeds, automatically, leads individuals to excellence, because honesty means being conscientious and giving priority to the higher interest of the country over the personal interests.

Being faithful urges human beings to continuously look for means by which to give people their rights.

One can describe those “abstract people”; so to speak, as “Distinguished” people. However, they are, actually, (people who recognized the reality of their existence) and wanted to make a difference in their society.

We are sheer soldiers of this country.. and we will continue striving, like our ancestors, to give it what it deserves.

Nevertheless, I believe that every individual can make a difference in society by being faithful to God Almighty, and work on materializing the vision of our prudent leadership (God protect them).. This can happen through education, work, unleashing capacities, determination, giving priority to public interests, and serving people.

Life is interesting for those who work to facilitate people’s affairs! And I ask God to help us to do the same, and to be among those “Abstract Distinguished” people.

Your brother, Dr. Ali Mohammed Al Khouri / Director General
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