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Responsibility isone of the main words associated with the national day. This word is brimming with implications consisting of a wonderful mix of magic and reality. Islam tells us that, “Everyone of you is a guardian and is responsible for his subjects”.

It starts from family to society to nation to country. Responsibility is distributed among everyone to reach a more prosperous present and better future. If responsibility is a beautiful and expressive word, it is, in our age, in dire need of definition and outlining so that it becomes action and not merely words. True responsibility reflects on the future of the people and the country.

We can attain prosperity based on deep awareness and understanding of the concept of responsibility.

Responsibility has requirements and terms. It is awareness and a history of dealing with one’s self and others. Responsibility is to appreciate the value of time and collectively and individually to seek to improve performance and achieve production.

Responsibility is to attempt to be responsible every single day from early morning to late night. We should be responsible before ourselves first; hence, we develop the idea of self-criticism with transparency and clarity without self-reproach or rebuking others.

Responsibility is to fully absorb the meaning of being Emiratis.

It is to belong to the United Arab Emirates and be willing to bear responsibility from the smallest task to sacrificing life.

This is the responsibility of the national day; national days. The Emirati year has 365 national days.


By: Ibn Al DeiraAl Khaleej Newspaper
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