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“The beginning was at the Union House. It is where we renewed our pledge”. These were the words of Mohammed bin Rashid yesterday and the headline for the coming phase in the union march. The Cabinet’s meeting in the Union House that witnessed the establishment of the UAE was not only symbolic but also historic. It determined features of the national work in the coming phase and renewed will, determination and endeavor towards larger development for a country that has long been determined to excel and be one of the world’s developed countries. “Achievement, excellence and overcoming challenges” has become the headline of the coming phase as determined by yesterday’s meeting. It was inspired by the founding heritage in the Union House and depending on the citizen who was and will always be the center of focus. The citizen exists in Khalifa’s approach and his national program as well as being the dignity and pride in Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision. The citizen is the pride of the nation because he/she is the means and objective of the renaissance. In this context, 2013 was determined as the year of nationalization through practical programs so that the picture becomes more beautiful and radiant and the nation becomes even more beautiful by crowning the citizen as the champion of accomplishment and challenges across all sectors by truly involving them in the overall renaissance witnessed by the UAE. The features drawn by the Cabinet for the coming period and statements of Mohammed bin Rashid set a strategy to immunize the union, reinforce its identity by combing genuine and modern spirits and protect its accomplishments made by its sons and daughters. Only then can the UAE live in a continuous spring because money does not last, people do not last but the nation remains as Zayed said. The union spirit has been flowing in our veins for 41 years, its goodness surrounding us and its glory embracing us. Today, we should return the favor to the nation through work and accomplishment and excellence and innovation. Towards this end, our vision for the UAE’s development is inspired by this spirit through our commitment to work as one team in a nation of gold.


Al Bayan newspaper
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