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Each one of us has a name, and each name has a story to tell. While the details of our names vary, each name still has a meaning that distinguishes it from the other.

A man is proud of his pedigree and origin and so he names his son after his father. Hence, the name becomes a mark and a predecessor that echoes the glory of grandfathers.. Another man names his son after a beloved person he lost in order to recall in memory the image of a good man in a beautiful time. Hence, the name brings back the old scent or part of it, leaving a nice memory.

The birth dates of some people have a story by which the stories of their names are associated. Those born in December often have the names of the founding fathers of our beloved country and hence the scents of their names are firmly established in the history of the “Union” memory.

Some others give strange names to their children. We may come across many strange names throughout our work in the Emirates Identity Authority. This is because we receive people from more than 200 countries living and working in the UAE and are sometime curious to ask a customer about the meaning of their names or search for it in a search engine. We inquire about different names and their meanings, no matter whether they are Arab or foreign names.

Out of courtesy and good reception, however, we must still call a customer by their names without clamor or doubt. No matter how familiar or strange the name is, our job is to put a smile on faces and respect our customers and their names because they are our guests and our religion necessitates us to be generous with guests and treat them respectfully.

Iman Al Murshedi/ Registration Executive - Fujairah Customer Service Center
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