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Science and knowledge are the most important weapon in our present time, and advanced nations and countries are keen on providing their citizens with science and knowledge in their bid to come in top places among their peers in the world. The UAE and its prudent leadership have paid most attention to science and knowledge by encouraging citizens to seek science, search for knowledge and continue to learn in order to attain the highest academic degrees in all fields.

The Emirates Identity Authority was inspired by the prudent leadership’s vision in this connection; it believed in science and its role and worked hard to be in the lead and occupy a prestigious position among government organizations across the UAE. As a result, the Emirates ID turned into one of the most important authorities and organizations that supported and motivated their employees to obtain university degrees and complete their higher studies. For this purpose, the Emirates ID took a package of decisions, which made it easy for each employee interested in resuming education in all academic and knowledge fields and this helped most of the employees enrol in the UAE various institutes and universities.

This leading policy followed by the Emirates ID reflected positively on the performance of employees, who competed over obtaining high degrees as this would help the Emirates ID achieve its goals and accomplish its strategy.

The Emirates ID made a good initiative to the satisfaction of its employees by morally encouraging them to learn and providing financial incentives that would help them enrol in universities and institutes. This encouraged many of them to seize the opportunity and consequently many Emirates ID employees joined educational foundations to give a bright image of their organization, which believed in science as a pathway towards achieving more prosperity and progress, improving services and seeking excellence.

Motivating employees financially and morally to learn helped increase their job satisfaction and strengthened both their sense of affiliation to the Emirates ID and their feeling that they were working in an organization that valued ​​its employees and spared no effort to give them the best. This, in turn, motivated them to provide the best services to customers.

I believe I am lucky because I am an employee of the Emirates ID, which motivated me to resume my study. By means of this article, I would like to thank the Higher Management of our esteemed authority for its constructive initiatives offered to the employees which confirm how keen it is on improving the status of its employees and supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

Mariam Fadlallah
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