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Some managers rely heavily on reward and punishment in dealing with their subordinates, regardless of their different personalities, characters and occupational positions, while others believe that this technique works only in the short run but is destructive in the end. Such technique might cause employees to quit or act negatively and indifferently towards their work, directors and colleagues.

However, the two groups agree on that paying salaries commensurate with the tasks allocated to each employee, and giving rewards in a fair manner have strong positive impact on the employees.

Some experts hold a very different opinion!

These experts reject the idea that money should be the sole incentive. They hold the view that employees fall into two kinds: a kind that works for the sake of work itself, and in this case, money does not act as a good incentive for them; and a kind that works because they dearly need the money, hence, they maintain the energy to work 24 hours a day in order to make more money.

Money can be a tool to motivate employees, but it is not the main motivation. Sometimes, it may indicate that a manager appreciates the performance of an employee, but in other cases, it is not enough when an employee is seeking encouragement and motivation from those around him.

This is what we felt during the Emirates Identity Authority 4th Annual Forum where distinguished employees were honored. We can say that the speech of the general manager in the forum, his continuous visits to the registration centers, his meetings with the employees and listening to their concerns are the biggest example on the care EIDA’s senior management puts on its employees to encourage and motivate them to continue exerting their utmost efforts.

The technique used in approaching EIDA’s employees shows great appreciation and is the biggest evidence on the trust EIDA has in its employees. This in turn motivates them towards more creation and work to maintain the success of EIDA’s mission and achieve its goals.


By: Aly Hamd Al Khatry Registration Administrator, Sharjah Registration Center
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