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UAE extends the visa of the divorcee and widow women and their children for one year without the need for a sponsor

The Cabinet has adopted a Decree to extend the residency visa of the widow or divorcee women and their children for one year in the State from the date of the death of the spouse or the divorce. This Decree is a part of the latest residency facilitation package approved by the Cabinet for visitors and residents in the State.

The Decree grants the widows, divorcees, and their children a one-year residency in the State from the date of the death of the husband or the effecting divorce without the need for a sponsor to guarantee their residency. It aims to allow women to modify their social and economic status and to ensure that the family is able to survive and fulfill its obligations after the loss of the head of the family.

The Decree will come into force as of the fourth quarter of this year. It marks the continuous efforts exerted to develop the government Decrees and legislations that cater for the conditions of residents and visitors and meet their main needs. The Decree takes into consideration the humanitarian and exceptional conditions of widows and divorcees residing in the UAE and facilitates their residency in the State after the loss of the head of the family. It also aims at maintaining family stability and social cohesion and enhances UAE’s position as a second homeland for residents coming from all over the world.

H.E. Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, Acting Director-General of ICA’s Foreigners Affairs and Ports, expressed his pride and appreciation for the humanitarian situations demonstrated by the UAE day after day to support the vulnerable groups of the human community. This strengthens the humanitarian foundations, the noble values, and the genuine Arab qualities on which it was built. Thus, such humanitarian situations of UAE remain a role model to be followed in respecting the humanity and dignity of man, in conformity with the says of Allah (Glory be to Him): “We have certainly honored the children of Adam.”

He further added that the Decrees issued by the Cabinet during the past three days, which aim at making things easier for those residing in the State or those seeking security, safety, and decent life, truly reflect the meanings of compassion and kindness between people, and achieve the goal adopted by the UAE government, being a key assignment of the government action, namely, satisfying people and making them happy.

Commenting on the Decree, Al Rashidi stated that this blessed land, where the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan planted the seeds of good to be grown by H.E. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, will remain, by God’s support and the Emirati’s will, a source of permanent giving and compassion. Thus, it will help those who are stranded by conflicts or the women or children who were destined to lose their breadwinner. The Decree will relieve their sufferings, preserve their dignity, and be their support to be able to survive.

Al Rashidi emphasized that UAE is always taking the lead in all humanitarian forums and events and has always been proactive in providing all that benefits human beings. Today, UAE opens its arms widely to embrace those who are tired, lost, widows, and orphans to exemplify preserving human rights and its sanctity.

Furthermore, Al Rashidi noted that ICA is more than ready to put this good Decree into force at the beginning of the next October and that it will ensure the provision of its services to the groups targeted by the Decree according to the best levels, ensuring the procedural convenience and completion of their transactions with ease and flexibility.

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