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To protect the health of customers and employees

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship gradually dispense providing services in the Customer Happiness Centers

and invites its customers to use its smart services.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship invited all its customers to use its smart services to complete their transactions in order to maintain the health and safety of customers, employees, and public health.

These procedures come in the implementation of the leadership directions to complete the transactions by the customers without the need to visit the Customer Happiness Centers so that the customer can get all services from anywhere through the use of smart applications, which achieves the ease and speed of obtaining the service effectively and efficiently.

It is worth noting that ICA worked previously to enhance its smart applications to keep pace with developments in government services. ICA provided distinguished services that include all the services provided, such as issuing a passport, renewing an Emirates ID card, and issuing visas and residency visas of all kinds.

ICA also affirms the support of preventive programs for the safety of all citizens and residents at the state,

Through these procedures, ICA is keen on completing transactions completely through smart applications in line with its strategic plan of gradually dispensing the visit of the Customer Happiness Centers in them very soon.

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