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The National Day is an Occasion to renew our Allegiance to the Country and its Prudent Leadership: Dr. AL Ghafli

Dr Al Gahfli Recalled with Gratitude and Appreciation the Memory of Sheikh Zayed and his Fellow Founding Forefathers

Dr. Abdullah bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, the Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority, stressed that celebrating the 44th National Day marks an occasion for reviving our affiliation to the country and its noble land, and allegiance to its prudent leadership, which spare no effort to elevate the country’s status, and make use of all resources and potentials for the sake of making the Emirati citizens the happiest among world nations, along with instilling the culture of citizenship and infusing the  love of the homeland into the souls of the current and next generations.

Dr. Al Ghafli also added that UAE managed over the last few years to lay the foundations of a globally-distinguished cultural project and to offer a model example of construction and development based on the optimal use of potentials and resources, and the latest innovations in science in all fields; with full adherence to the authentic national values, traditions and customs. Now Emirates has become a place for prosperous living and a desirable destination for all decent-life seekers, because of its maintenance of the authenticity of its people and affiliation to the Arab world. He asserted that the unitary experience of UAE is one of the most successful on both the Arab and the global level, especially because it is deeply rooted in the language, religion and blood, and got firmed up over 44 years, and now UAE has become a firmly consolidated edifice; a developed modern country with political, economic and social stability, marked by its high levels of harmony, affinity, cohesion and collaboration between the prudent leaders and the faithful people of UAE.

Again, Dr. Al Ghafli asserted that the prosperity and total development of UAE are evidence of the prudent leadersof UAE, who constantly pray for Allah and spare no effort to consolidate and preserve the construction, overcome the difficulties and challenges, and proceed on the triumphant path towards realizing the dream of making UAE one of the greatest countries.

On this occasion, Dr. Al Ghafli recalled with appreciation and gratitude the memory of the founder of UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan AL Nahyan – May Allah rest his soul in peace – and his fellow founding forefathers; who laid the foundations of the Federation, secured its pillars, and raised its edifice. They also focused on the citizen as the central means of development, the priceless resource of the country, and the focal point around which all efforts of construction and advancement go.

Dr. Al Ghafli extended his sincerest and heartiest congratulations and best wishes to H.H Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of UAE – May Allah protect him, his brother H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice-president, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai – May Allah protect him, H.H General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and Their Highness Supreme Council Members and Rulers of the Emirates on the 44th National Day, and promised them to make an all-out effort to make “Emirates ID” an effective stakeholder in the course of development and prosperity, and an advocate of the prudent leadership’s vision.

Eventually, Dr. Al Ghafli prayed to Allah the Almighty to keep UAE, its people and leaders safe and to return this occasion with blessings, happiness, and with more progress and prosperity.

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