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The Cabinet adopts income instead of profession to sponsor foreign workers their family members

A Study to motivate and provide facilities in health and education for residents
Al Shamsi: UAE presents to the world an ideal model of residency and work
Major General Al Rashedi: The Decree promotes the State’s reputation and makes it a world attractive destination

The UAE Cabinet has adopted a Decree to amend some provisions of the Decree on sponsoring the foreign workers to their families in the State.
The Decree comes within the framework of enhancing the family stability of foreign workers in the State and raising the level of productivity in the national economy, enhancing community cohesion, enhancing the UAE’s approach to openness, and attracting highly skilled workers in productivity while maintaining national parameters and priorities and achieving a competitive knowledge economy, a safe and cohesive society and making UAE one of the happiest countries.
The Decree provided for removing the former applicable condition of the profession and adopting the income condition in sponsoring the family members of the foreign workers in line with the international developments and updates in accordance with the best practices.
The Cabinet affirmed that the human being in UAE is the most influential element in the development formula and that the keenness to provide a motivating and positive environment for him, to perform his duties and tasks in the best possible manner and in an atmosphere that guarantees his comfort and happiness and provide a specific atmosphere, which enables his living with his family members and within a harmonious and happy society, is reflected positively on the development process, which is one of the most important requirements set by the government in the top priorities as the state continues to update the legal and regulatory frameworks that contribute to the establishment of a cohesive and happy society, where all people participate in the process of building to achieve the aspirations of the leadership.
The Decree also called on instructing the concerned authorities in the state to conduct a study to motivate and provide facilities in the services provided to foreign residents, including aspects of education and health, and encourage the active participation of their family member in the job market as an alternative to recruiting new workers from abroad, within the existing policies and regulations.
HE Ali Mohammad Al Shamsi, Chairman of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, stressed that the UAE has become an ideal place to live and work, and turned into an attractive destination for ambitious people seeking to fulfill their dreams in a country whose leadership is wise, the government is ambitious, and people are open to other cultures, which will definitely result in creating an ideal environment for family stability.
Al Shamsi added that the Cabinet Decree will further enhance family stability by facilitating sponsorship procedures for foreign workers’ families in accordance with security, economic and social rules, which are aimed at ensuring their happiness with their families. He praised the UAE leadership’s keenness to provide state-of-the-art services for foreign residents thanks to them being partners in the country’s development progress.
Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashedi, Director General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the wise leadership of the State for its right guidance and comprehensive vision, which draws for all organizations in the state a clear and comprehensive approach that enables them to integrate among themselves and thus contribute to achieving the objectives of the UAE Centennial, foremost of which is to enhance the country’s reputation and its soft power and turn it into a world attractive destination in various fields.
He said that the UAE has become one of the most attractive countries in the world for human beings at different levels whether individual, family, or organizational levels. Where the seekers of good and decent living, emotional and social stability, those who want to improve their economic and living conditions, and those who seek the incubating environment for their creativity and innovative ideas relocate to it to adopt them and gives them the opportunity to become a reality reflected positively on the life of their owner and the lives of people. UAE becomes a destination for the organizations wishing to develop their business and enjoy facilities, which are rarely available in other countries. Therefore, the leadership of the State and its government are developing the legislations of residency to fit the new reality and contribute to facilitate the conditions of the seekers of UAE and allow them to enjoy the best stable standards of living and achieve the happiness they seek.
Al Rashedi praised the Cabinet’s Decree to amend some of the provisions of the Decree of sponsoring the foreign workers to their families in the state, which replaced the condition of the profession that has been implemented previously by the condition of income, stressing that this Decree will strengthen the family stability and social cohesion and will eliminate the gender-related negatives in the UAE society, as well as the resultant increase in the productive capacity of resident individuals working in the state because of its positive impact on their personal lives.
He stressed that the additional facilities in the Decree, which include the basic services for residents of education and health, and the use of family members residing in the state as an alternative to the recruitment of new workers from abroad, are considered essential factors in stabilizing the resident families and enjoying high-quality services in health and education. It will also provide an opportunity for individuals who are able to work in the professions and jobs available and thus enable them to live at the best levels.
Al Rashedi pointed out that ICA will cooperate during the next phase with the Ministries of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Economy, Health and Prevention, Education, and the other competent authorities in the State to develop policies and regulations governing the implementation of the Decree according to the best standards.

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