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Re-engineering of registration procedures in “International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology”

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The Emirates Identity Authority has showcased its experience in the registration procedure re-engineering project in the “International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology” through the scientific paper that the Journal published under the title “review of registration plans in ID projects”.

The scientific paper stated that many countries of the world launched national programs for carrying out smart ID card projects in the past decade. It looked at these programs as having a strategic value for the governments of these countries in view of their projected contribution to enhancing the national security and the security system related to identification systems and personal identity verification.

The paper pointed out that due to the high total cost of these programs, which might touch billions of US dollars (as per the population), succeeding to achieve the objectives has become a decisive element in the agendas of the political regimes across the world.

According to the research, the advanced ID projects are facing a substantial challenge in achieving their main objectives, the most important of which is registration of the population. This actually rendered it difficult to adhere to the set deadlines or approved budgets.

The working paper discussed the registration procedure re-engineering project, which was carried out by the Emirates Identity Authority in 2010, focusing on the most important results of the project as embodied in simplifying procedures, raising the efficiency of work of frontline employees, increasing transparency and improving customer service.

The paper gave a number of facts that were associated with these projects by trying to introduce an applied methodology for registering the population in such programs. It also referred to general data about the feasibility study to explain the efficiency of the steps taken by the Emirates Identity Authority, which are expected to contribute to saving around AED400 million and 5 million working hours over the coming three years.

Besides, the paper discussed a number of lessons that the Emirates Identity Authority derived from carrying out the projects. These lessons were related to the aspects of leadership, corporate commitment, performance management and management of change programs.

The paper explained that procedure re-engineering initiatives might be extremely complicated and difficult and that there is not a single route that ensures success or achieves the same results due to the fact that each experience has its own peculiarity, implementation mechanism and sought-after objectives.

The paper concluded that understanding the experiences of other countries provides practical considerations to administrators and is a significant mainstay for building a base of the best practices in this field which is limited in terms of scientific and applied research.

Enabling everybody to benefit from the information contained and in a bid to communicate with researchers, specialists and people concerned, the Emirates Identity Authority is publishing this paper on the “Researches & Studies page of its website.

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