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RAK Courts Organize the First e-Contract by Using the ID Card

RAK Courts revealed that they organized the first e-contract successfully after the application of the new system, which relies on the ID card issued by the Emirates ID Authority to obtain the couple’s data directly.
The consultant, Hassan Youssef Bu Al Rawgha, President of the Court of First Instance and Head of the Marriage Officers Affairs Committee, said in a press release published in the newspapers today, that the e-marriage contract procedures are simple and do not require the marriage officer to record a lot of data, as the said data is obtained from the ID cards of the couple directly, pointing out that the marriage officers’ devices are linked to the ID card electronic reader, which ensures avoiding any errors in marriage contracts.

He explained that the e-contract saves a lot of procedures and time for couples willing to get married, pointing out that the department handed its marriage officers new devices with marriage contracts-related software linked to the Internet to enable them to send the contracts data to the department upon the completion of the registration of the couple data.

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