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On the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance: Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi states “Tolerance is a noble human and moral value”

On the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance, which is celebrated on the 16th of November each year, H.E. Ali bin Mohammed Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICA, reiterated that tolerance is a noble human and moral value aspired by the peoples of the world. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan established the values of tolerance since the foundation of the State in the Emirati community.

Al Shamsi added, “We share the world celebrations of the Day for Tolerance by promoting a culture of tolerance among all those residing in the State, including more than 200 nationalities with different cultures, religions, customs, and traditions who live, work and coexist together in love and harmony on UAE land”. He also stated that ICA is seeking to introduce legislation and policies with a view to deeply establish the principles of cultural, religious, and social tolerance. Therefore, it creates tolerant working environments through holding awareness-raising programs and seminars which emphasize equal opportunities for all. ICA is also keen on enhancing tolerance and acceptance of others through launching meaningful initiatives that consolidate the values of tolerance and coexistence among the new generations.

He concluded by stating that UAE applies the principles of tolerance as an approach and a practice, being the home for tolerance, coexistence, human communication and crossroads of cultures, and the land of security, safety, goodness, and development.

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