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ICA’s Board of Directors directs for further facilitation of the procedures and services

Invited the violators to take advantage of the remaining period of “Protect Yourself by Changing Your Status” initiative

Opening the Center of Creativity and Innovation provides a creative environment as per the best international standards

ICA’s Board of Directors affirmed its satisfaction with the ICA’s achievements in the field of customer happiness and provision of excellent services to them, which turned the customer’s journey to obtain the service to an example of the ease and smoothness of procedures and contributed to improving its position and competitiveness in the field of customer service at the level of service sectors in the state.

The Board continued to adopt initiatives and projects that contribute to simplifying and Facilitating the procedures and reducing the time and effort of service applicant in line with the aspirations and orientations of the wise leadership towards developing the services offered to citizens and residents and with the vision of UAE government to put the state in the front lines globally in the field of service development and human happiness, and drew the world’s attention towards it and made it the first choice for every investor seeking a safe haven for his investments and seeking a decent and good life.

This came during the third meeting of ICA’s Board of Directors in 2018, which was held at the headquarters of the Authority in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi under the chairmanship of HE Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, during which the Authority’s approach and march were discussed to achieve sustainable excellence in the services provided by the sectors of identity, nationality, foreigners affairs, and ports.

The Board stressed the importance of simplifying and facilitating service delivery mechanisms along with measures and procedures to ensure the quality and accuracy of data to the highest levels, to enhance the role of ICA in supporting decision-making and strategic planning and its partnership in promoting the security and economy of UAE.

During the meeting, the Board reviewed the results achieved by the “Protect Yourself by Changing Your Status” initiative, which was launched by ICA on August 1st and continues until October 31st, which allows every violator to leave the country without any legal consequences, fees or fines, or to change his status to enjoy living legally in UAE, praising the keenness of the wise leadership of the state and its permanent directives to exert every effort to provide the reasons for happiness for all who live in UAE and the government’s keenness to enable violators of the Law of Entry and Residency of Foreigners to settle their status and avoid the legal consequences of their violations.

The Board thanked the work team for the implementation of the Cabinet’s Decree regarding the initiative and noted the efforts made by all members of the team to achieve its objectives and enabling all those wishing to change their status to benefit from it. The Board commended the efforts of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in supporting the initiative and providing everything possible for its success and achieving the desired results.

The Council called all violators who are still present in UAE and did not settle their status to take advantage of this precious and unprecedented opportunity and to take advantage of the remaining period of the grace period set by the initiative quickly without delay or slow, stressing that after the grace period, strict measures and intensive campaigns will be implemented to arrest the violators and implement all legal procedures against them to ensure the achievement of the goal of the initiative to reach “Emirates Without Violators”.

The Board reviewed the efforts of ICA’s Emirates Identity and Citizenship Academy and praised its role of rehabilitating and preparing national cadres. The Board directed to offer academic specialties that serve various sectors in the state, including artificial intelligence, keeping pace with the development of services, and providing the qualified national cadres necessary to the changing labor market.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors inaugurated the Innovation and Creativity Center established by the ICA in its headquarters in Khalifa City, in line with the best international standards, in order to provide a rich and fertile environment for generating, discussing, and developing distinctive and creative ideas, adopting and applying innovative approaches.

Al Shamsi toured with the members of the Board of Directors in the different sections and halls of the Center. He praised the Center’s capabilities and its technical facilities, which provide an ideal environment for deep reflection, and incubator for the emergence and adoption of distinctive innovations. He expressed his hope for the Center’s contribution to instilling a culture of creativity and innovation among ICA’s employees to become a daily practice that contributes to the advancement of development and excellence journey and enables it to achieve leadership in all aspects of its work.

During the meeting, the Board reviewed a report on what has been implemented of its resolutions and recommendations at its second meeting and the achievement rates fulfilled in each of them, discussed a number of subject matters listed on its agenda, and took appropriate resolutions.

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