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ICA’s Board of Directors adopts plans and mechanisms of implementing the Decrees of the Cabinet on entry and residency facilities for foreigners

Appreciated the Government’s approach to promoting economic, cultural, and scientific openness

The Board approves the internal by-laws and organizational structures of ICA and directs the swift changing of employees status

Emphasize the importance of the role of national competencies and the need to support, enable and provide them with the opportunities

The Board commends the role of the “Ministry of Interior” in supporting and achieving the Plan of Implementation of the Decree of transferring authorities of Nationality and Residency Affairs successfully

ICA’s Board of Directors confirmed ICA’s readiness to implement the Decrees issued by the Cabinet during the last months of May and June, which included the launch of an integrated system of entry visas to attract efficient and talented people, and the adoption of a new legislative package to review the current residency system to facilitate the status of visitors and residents in the state.

The Board commended the Government’s keenness to take into consideration the humanitarian dimension in the various policies it adopts and to take into account the need to provide stability and a decent life for all those living in the State, which reflects the civilized face and the inherent values on which the UAE was founded and the approach of goodness that its wise leadership seeks to embody. This is reflected in granting the nationals of countries suffering from wars and disasters a residence visa for one year, regardless of the conditions of residency, an extension of the residency visa of the widow or divorced woman and their children for one year without the need for a sponsor, as well as granting grace period to violators who reside in the state illegally to settle their status or to leave the state voluntarily without having any legal consequences and exempting them from fines.

This came during the second meeting of ICA’s Board of Directors in 2018, which was held at its headquarters in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi under the chairmanship of His Excellency Ali Mohammed bin Hammad Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Board, during which he reviewed the preparations of ICA, the actions taken to implement the related Decrees of the Cabinet and the scenarios that have been developed for the new procedures to be applied in the field of residency, foreign affairs, and ports.

The Board expressed its thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Interior for its cooperation and support which had a great impact on the success of the implementation of the Federal Decree-Law No. (3) of 2017, which included the amendment of Federal Decree-Law No. (2) of 2004 establishing the Emirates Identity Authority and the transfer of all terms of references, powers related to nationality, passports, the entry and residency of foreigners in the State, which contained in the laws and regulations and Decrees in force, praising the distinguished expertise and competencies owned by the Ministry, which did not hesitate to utilize them in supporting ICA.


Regulations and controls for residency and tourism facilities

The Board appreciated the government’s efforts to promote economic, cultural, and scientific openness by attracting minds, efficient and talented people in all vital sectors, provide more facilities that serve the economic sectors in the state in all fields, especially investment and tourism. The Board pointed out that the recent Decrees strengthen the UAE position as one of the best countries in such two field and support its attractiveness whether for investors seeking safe resorts and suitable investment environments or for tourists who seek destinations that provide them with facilities and services that meet their wishes and aspirations and match at the same time with their abilities and potentials.

The Board adopted plans and mechanisms for the implementation of the Decrees of the Cabinet in the field of entry and residency visas for foreigners and directed to implement them quickly so that each Decree to be implemented in a timely manner while ensuring smooth and easy procedures and providing the best services to visitors or residents in the State.


Empower national competencies

In another context, the Board adopted the internal regulations and by-laws of ICA and the organizational structures of its general directorates, and directed to work as quickly as possible to change the status of the employees in accordance with the new regulations in order to ensure a stimulating and supportive work environment for innovation and contribute to achieving the highest levels of satisfaction and happiness for them and reflect positively on the employee’s affiliation to ICA, his love to his work and his desire to raise its reputation and reflect its bright image and values in his performance and ability to give with dedication and sincerity

The Board stressed the importance of the human element in ICA as its main capital and its focus to achieving its objectives and aspirations, the matter which necessitates investing in them through training, rehabilitation, and implementing initiatives that contribute to the development of their professional and educational level, provide the best work environment and utilize all available resources to improve their standard of living at all levels.

In this context, the Board stressed the importance of the role of the national competencies in ICA’s journey, the matter which requires supporting such competencies and enabling them to contribute to the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the State and to develop sufficient plans to achieve the indicator related to this aspect in the UAE Vision 2021.

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