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“ICA” previews its innovations and launches 2 competitions during the Innovation Month

Friday 01 February 2019

Hosts Government and Private Entities’ Contributions and Student Forums

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced the inauguration of two competitions during the UAE Innovation Month aiming at enhancing interaction with the public and inciting the individuals to get benefit from the electronic and smart services available to them through its various channels and platforms. The Authority allocated valuable presents to the winners in the competition, that will be delivered throughout the Month, which the events of its 4th cycle will begin on the 1st of February until the end of the month.

The First Competition “2019 Innovation Month Competition” is intended to invite the creative individuals to introduce their innovative ideas, which contribute to develop ICA’s services and support its endeavors to apply smart and sustainable solutions in all its operations and services in order to improve its performance to the highest levels and focus on creativity and innovation at the work environment to satisfy the customers and bring them happiness.


The Second “Weekly” Competition consists of asking questions about innovation and its development history in the State, as well as its functionality as critical leverage towards improving government work, and mainstream for economic development and growth, in addition to the effective means to support innovation to become a regular practice for the individuals and corporates which maintains the position of UAE as a global innovation hub.


ICA invited all the Federal and local government entities, the private-sector corporates, various social events, and other individuals to attend its events organized at ICA’s Headquarters in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, in an interaction with the 2019 Innovation Month; where they can learn about its latest innovations and services, and its accomplishments, view the platforms of the participating entities in which they display the latest in the field of customer service, improve such services, enhance its comprehensive transform to become electronic and smart, share the creative and innovative ideas through the brainstorming workshops, which are organized on the margin of the event with the students of faculties and universities.


ICA introduces through the events, which will continue throughout the current week and start daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, the self-services kiosk device to renew the services of identity and citizenship, which will contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the services provided through the smart services of the (SmartServices) by using the latest technologies in order to place the ICA at the highest level in the smart government initiative program. The Kiosk will provide an extra channel to the public to obtain smart visas and residency services by deploying the device in different regions all over the State.


ICA further displays the services of its “Validation Gateway” which allows for government, private entities and individuals to use the “Smart” ID card issued by it to complete the transactions online. It also provides a wide range of digital services regarding the ID card which facilitates identity verification and electronic signature, and safe verification of the identity of the user of e-services through government portals, banking services, and electronic applications.


ICA will brief its customers, through its platform, on “Mabrouk MaYak”  service, which represents an excellent model of cooperation between the State’s local and federal entities, through which the ICA won the best Joint-service award in the 5th cycle of Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award within the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program; whereas this service allows the ICA’s national customers to finish all the transactions of official documents for newborns (i.e. Birth Certificate, Passport, ID Card, Family Book, and Population Register”.

During the Innovation Month, ICA’s events include a number of forums aim at rooting the creativity and innovation practices of the social individuals and encourage them to generate innovative ideas to put the society at top levels, hold brainstorming sessions for the students of faculties and universities to get benefit from their views, ideas, and suggestions in this regard, and organize a tour for them at the innovative platform to introduce them to the projects displayed there and having them acquainted with its goals, features, and development perspective.

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