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“ICA” organizes the “Strengthening of Innovation Practices in Work Environment” Forum


Monday 24 December 2018

reviewed the experiences of Local and Federal Entities

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizens organized the “Innovators” forum for its employees; aiming at consolidating the creativity and innovation practices in the work environment, as well as encouraging them to generate untraditional ideas that contribute to improving job performance to the optimal levels.

ICA confirmed that organizing such a forum comes in light of its pursuit to meet the guidelines of the wise leadership, in terms of strengthening and consolidating innovation as a culture and lifestyle, and the eagerness to overcome all the traditional practices in government work, besides focusing on creativity and innovation to achieve the government’s mission of “bringing happiness to people”. ICA emphasized the significance of encouraging employees and appreciating their abilities to achieve innovation and creativity in the workplace, consequently improving their job performance levels, the matter that contributes to making ICA one of the most influential corporates that have an active and positive impact on the reality of government work, as well as facilitating people’s living in the State, and acting as a substantial contributor to maintaining the Emirates’ competitiveness worldwide.

H.E. Brigadier Mohamed Abdulla Olwan, Executive Director of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Ajman, said in his opening speech during the forum that the wise leadership managed to place the State, and all its entities, on the right track towards the adoption of creativity and innovation culture for the sake of a knowledge-based society lead by innovators of future insights to maintain the development march of their State. He drew the attention to the keenness of the UAE government, through its comprehensive strategy, to strengthen the innovation’s role as the main axis to develop the government work, and a substantial stream of development and economic growth, to maintain the UAE government’s position as a world innovative Center.

The forum, which was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai, was commenced by presenting a video about the Innovation Center, established by ICA in the HQ of the General Directorate of Identity at Khalifa City according to the best international standards, which focused on the recent technologies adopted by the Center which aim at creating the appropriate environment for the ICA’s employees particularly, as well as the government sector’s employees in general, to think out of the box and provide the ideas that contribute to improving the performance to the highest levels.

The forum, which gathered a number of directors of sectors and departments and divisions’ heads at ICA, and was participated by the elite of experts and innovators, has included specialized work papers in the field of creativity, innovation, and patents. Furthermore, it has witnessed interactive discussion and talk sessions, during which plenty of creative ideas and innovative solutions were provided, which will result in upgrading the level of services provided by ICA to its customers.

Dr. Sherif Abd El Haleem Al Sayed, Counselor of the International Centre for Patent Registration (ICPR) at the Ministry of Economy, has provided paperwork about patents; through which he has discussed the concept of creativity and the requirements for granting a patent, and the circumstances of non-approval of a patent, besides, the rights conferred to a patent’s owner. He noted the significance of raising the awareness about the patent concept, and knowing the procedures and requirements followed to obtain it as per the applicable laws.

Dr. Huda Al Khuzaimi, Professor of Researches in the Engineering Department at Engineering at New York University Abu Dhabi, NYUAD and the Cyber Security Center of New York University Abu Dhabi, reviewed its journey in the field of cybersecurity, particularly in coding/decoding of devices by algorithms, and the innovation in such field, asserting the significance of providing an attractive scientific environment for the innovator.

AL Kuzaimi praised the limitless support provided by UAE to its talented and innovative citizens, especially regarding encouraging research and creating leading scientific environments to motivate them to develop and innovate.

The forum further included a dialogue session with Major Khalid Al Mazru’ee, Director of the Innovation Center at the General Directorate of Excellency and Leadership in Dubai Police, during which the audience was informed about the mechanism of adopting innovative projects at the Center, and ensuring the Intellectual Property rights, as well as the suggestions system program applied in Dubai Police, and its mechanism to guarantee the rights of the proposing employees, and the method to authenticate the suggestion and maintaining it on the system, besides the system’s efficiency to encourage the employees to submit their suggestions and participate positively. Hossam Goma’a, Director of  Service innovation Department at Dubai Customs, presented the service innovation system at the Department, and the innovation journey from the very beginning and its contributions of the continuous development and updates in customs services which bring happiness to the customers and maintain the competitiveness of Dubai Customs

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