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“ICA” organizes its 2018 Forum for “Customer Happiness”

To apply the Best International Practices in this field

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship organized its Customer Happiness Forum 2018; to apply the best international practices in the field of customer happiness and develop its initiative in this filed to achieve the optimal levels of satisfaction and happiness of its customers.

HE Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, Acting Director-General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports at ICA, confirmed in his opening speech of the forum the authority keenness to bring happiness to its customers and maintain good customer communication, identify their aspirations, deduce their expectations; make it the main cornerstone of all its development projects and create the best work environment for its employees to enhance the positive energy and optimism among them to enable them to perform their duties and obligations and provide the best and highest services for customers, the matter which contributes to bring them happiness and put a smile on their faces.

Nasser Al Abdul, the Executive Director of Happiness and Quality of Life, director of the department of customer happiness centers’ support at ICA, said that positivity, in all ways, is the only way to achieve happiness for all persons; through which an individual can build positive relationships with others and perform his daily duties and meet his targets easily, consequently he succeeds in his work and all aspects of his life. Al Abdul confirmed that the power of positive thinking is the key to open success doors and achieving the contemplated happiness.

Al Abdul called all ICA’s employees to keep positive energy and make happiness their lifestyle through the adoption of positive thoughts and be keen to overcome the challenges and negativity they may encounter and to transfer these to positive points, provide the customers with the highest levels of caring, understand them, consider their conditions, control the temper, pursue self-motivation and trigger minds to reach excellency and leadership in customer service and happiness. He asserted that the employee should be a mirror that reflects the bright real image of ICA.

The forum, which was held for two days in the (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), contained presenting a number of successful experiences in the customer happiness field, commenced by Seif Muhammad Al Falasi who presented the endeavor of the Institute of Administrative Professional Development and Training, while Saleh Al Marzouqi, Chief Customer Happiness Officer at DEWA, has introduced the significant successful practices and the initiative adopted by DEWA to make its customers happy. “Happiness Hero”, Ahmad Al Khayat, deputy of the chief of Government Excellence Program and Partnerships Unit at the Department of Corporate Affairs, has reviewed the Dubai Airports’ initiative to spread happiness among its customers. The Actor Dr. Habib Ghuloom spoke about the happiness effect on people and the importance of the permanent feeling of happiness and the attempt to bring happiness to all people around us whether on the family or work levels, which will make them feel safety and comfort and motivate them to exert their best efforts.

The forum included a working paper on the positive energy, introduced by ICA’s ambassador Amani Alnuaimi, through which she focused on the significance of providing positive energy in the work environment, which contributes to upgrading the employees’ performance in government bodies, and helps to build successful teamwork to have a positive function in enhancing the efforts of their respective bodies, consequently providing the best government services to the customer to embody the main objective of government work, which brings happiness to people in real life.

At the end of the forum, the executive directors and directors of the departments at ICA has honored the excellent employees in performing their duties and the highly productive ones, who demonstrated excellence in the fields of innovation, knowledge, and dealing with customers and colleagues in 2017, in light of ICA’s initiative entitled “Happiness Imprint” to achieve the highest levels of happiness and loyalty of employees, and enhance their spirit of challenge and determination.

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