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“ICA” negates the possibility of requesting data modification by phone Wednesday 15 May 2019

Warned from circulating rumors through social media

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship confirmed that updating customers’ data included in the Population Register and Identity Card system is done through safe and secure methods and means and depends on many verification methods that guarantee the reliability of the person’s identity and the validity and integrity of the data associated with him.

ICA negated that the telephone call or e-mail is from the means used to record or update the data of individuals, indicating that the amendment of any data, no matter how simple, requires the presence of the person concerned with his identity card at one of its customer happiness centers and then completing the service after following the authorized verification procedures.

ICA negated the rumors circulated by some people via mobile applications and social networks about the penetration of its technical systems, stressing that these systems have the highest degree of protection against piracy and are equipped with the latest programs on the global level to ensure their safety.

ICA said that the Population Register system, registration systems and the services related to the ID Card includes a set of advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of procedures and accuracy of data and the quality and efficiency of services provided to the customers, and immediately reveal any technical defect or an illegal attempt to enter these systems and then take the effective preventive and remedial measures.

ICA referred to the circulated photo of a text message, which is suggested to be issued by ICA , confirming that there are unified and approved forms of the messages sent by ICA to the customers regarding the service steps of issuing, renewing and replacing the ID Card, pointing out that anyone who has an account on the e-form can create a fake service request and enter the phone number that he wants the (OTP) message to be sent to, but cannot make any changes in the content of the messages and cannot bypass this phase or access any other data.

ICA warned against any suspicious calls or requests by persons who impersonate employees and requests that customers’ data be updated by phone, and invited the public not to disclose their information in such cases, especially those related to their bank accounts and personal information, stressing that data update is not made via phone in any way and that the only way to update the data is to visit ICA’s centers.

ICA called on the customers to take the information from their official sources and not to fall victim to irresponsible posts and to communicate with it through its own channels of communication, whether through the call center on (600530003), through its pages on social networks, or via (Live Chat) service, which is available on its website, as well as its customer happiness centers located all over the emirates of the State.

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