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ICA introduces “Medal of Zayed” to honor its excellent employees

As part of its celebration of the Year of Zayed and its efforts to raise awareness of the founding leader’s approach

Al Shamsi: We are keen to appreciate the efforts of ICA’s employees and encourage them to double their performance

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced the launch of the new medal of appreciation to honor its excellent employees. It is under the name of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in the framework of the celebrations of “Year of Zayed” and its efforts of raising the employees’ awareness about his approach and efforts exerted in development and giving, as well as its eagerness to make Sheik Zayed as a role model for innovation and overcoming the impossibility.

The design of the medal comes with a photo of the founding father, Sheikh Zayed, along with the UAE flag and number (100), which commemorates the centenary of a leader, who gave the best examples in loving his People and made great sacrifices and utilized all the resources and wealth that Allah granted to our nation to provide the highest standard of living to UAE People and those who are living on its land.

HE Ali Mohammed Bin Hammad Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “ICA”, confirmed that this initiative was derived from ICA’s inspiration of Sheikh Zayed’s achievements, his distinguished wise leadership and loyalty in his deeds and giving, the hard endeavors in achieving the goal tirelessly and without giving consideration to impediments and obstacles to remain his memory alive before all the generations to learn how to build their nations.

He urged all ICA’s employees to work very hard in order to be honored with such medal that bears a highly appreciated name and a living symbol that stays in the hearts and conscious of the UAE People, and to dedicate all their energies and abilities to support efforts of the ICA aiming at achieving the 7-star rating in all of its centers and departments, especially after obtaining the (5-star) rating in four of its centers this year.

He praised the efforts of the employees in the Customer Happiness Centers who achieved excellent results in the Global Star Rating System for Services adopted by the Government. He affirmed that ICA appreciates their exerted efforts and significant role in enhancing ICA’s reputation as one of the efficient institutions in achieving the wise leadership vision that the purpose of the government work is to bring happiness to people

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