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“ICA” celebrates the Commemoration Day and raises the awarness of its employees about the sacrifices of martyrs

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship celebrated the Commemoration Day and organized a number of events on this national occasion, which started this morning with the flag-raising at half-mast at its main headquarters in Abu Dhabi and all the departments and customer happiness centers all over the state.

ICA organized many awareness meetings aimed at shedding light on the meaning of the martyrdom and the rank of the martyr, and the learning about the martyrs of the homeland and the sacrifices they made, which exceeded all the limits of the giving and reached the maximum limit of generosity after they sacrificed their lives for the homeland for the sake of defending its pure soil and defending the creed and dignity.

The general managers and directors of departments and centers raised, with the participation of employees in all the sites of ICA, the flag at 11:30 am, while the music played the national anthem. The employees recited the words of the national anthem and stood a minute in which they prayed to Allah to cover the righteous martyrs with His mercy and to make them live in Paradise.

ICA confirmed its keenness to follow the wise leadership in honoring the martyrs of the nation in recognition of their nobility and the honor of their sacrifices and the commemoration of their sacrifices that will remain in mind overtime to remind next generations that there are men who have given their lives to keep the homeland secure and reassure that its borders remain stubborn to traitors, who wrote with their blood the most beautiful pages of redemption to assure the abusers and traitors that the sons of this state are able to cut every hand trying to extend to him badly.

ICA invited all its employees to be inspired by the meanings and lessons of celebrating the Commemoration Day, which evokes a feeling of pride and dignity in every soul and stimulates every citizen’s feelings of belonging to the nation and loyalty to its wise leadership and the devotion to work and diligence in giving of each employee in his position and from the place where he works in order to contribute to the promotion of the flag of the nation and its superiority.

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