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ICA Celebrates the 89th Saudi National Day by organizing Events and Activities and Issuing a Special Entry Stamp for Saudis

Celebrating the 89th Saudi National Day, which is celebrated on the 23rd of September, ICA rejoiced with Saudi brothers and sisters on their National Day and made sure to provide and harness all potentials and efforts to serve Saudis in UAE.

ICA’s buildings in all Emirates, airports, and border crossings in general, and Ghuwaifat border crossing in particular, were decorated with Saudi flags and green ribbons. Several events and activities were held and a special stamp, bearing the words (#Together_ Forever), was issued for Saudis entering UAE through its ports. Employees at the border crossings and airports received and wholeheartedly welcomed Saudis arriving and departing, giving them roses, greeting cards, and souvenirs, in the spirit of love and brotherhood, and wished them a peaceful and special vacation in their second home, UAE. This aimed to strengthen the brotherly ties between the Emirati and Saudi leadership and peoples, which were manifested in the highest sense of brotherhood, unity, history, and a common destiny to express the profound relationships between the two sister states. The Saudi travelers expressed their appreciation to ICA’s employees for such a generous gesture.

The Saudi-Emirati relationships are historic, close, and distinctive, and are getting stronger day after day, as we share the same path and destiny. We share the same joys, concerns, goals, and future. Happy National Day to the King, leaders, government, and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. May KSA always live in prosperity and wealth and may UAE and KSA stand together forever.

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