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“ICA” Calls Tourists to Seize Opportunity of the Grace Period for Exemption of their Escorts under 18 Years from Visa Fees (from 15 July until 15 September Annually)

The Federal Authority For Identity & Citizenship urges the resident guardians to make use of renewal of residence for their graduated sons who are +18 years.

The ICA called all tourists heading to the UAE who are planning to carry out their visit this summer to make use of the valuable facilities and incentives offered by the country; in particular, exempting their escorts under 18 years from entry visa fees from 15 July until 15 September annually.

The ICA stated that such facilities include sons and daughters under 18 years, provided that they are accompanied by their parent/ parents who are coming to the country upon tourist visas, regardless of the validity term of the visa, either short or long.

The ICA announced for a campaign within the next week to raise awareness with exemptions given to tourist sons, and the method to obtain as such within the abovementioned period. Such a campaign includes distribution of explanatory brochures at various airports and border crossing-points of the country, in addition to relevant authorities such as tourist authorities in the country, national carriers, and travel and tourism offices, as well as the distribution of such brochures over media and social media.

The ICA stated that those willing to make use of such facilities can apply through the electronic channel of the ICA ( or its smart application (ICA UAE SmartServices), within the category of (family tourism visa) and filling parent details and adding sons and their details within the system which will inform the applicant within the period of applying such facilities that sons or daughters under 18 years are exempted from such fees.

The ICA noted that tourists willing to visit the UAE can provide their applications to obtain the family tourism visa through travel and tourism offices approved within their countries and offices of the national carriers in the country (the Fly Emirates, Etihad Airways, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia) and make use of the exemption.

The ICA instructed its associates working at all ports of the country to ensure the happiness of the country’s visitors and comers and offering quality service to the same; in particular to facilitate procedures, carrying out transactions as soon as possible, receiving them welcome and cheer up while receiving them, especially as they are making up the main interface of the country and the initial window which enable tourists to discover the cultural and humanitarian development of the country which shall be shaped in its first impression regarding its people and its openness on the different cultures of the world and its people.

Renewal of the sponsored residence by parents

On the other hand, the ICA called parents residing in the country to make use of residence renewal decision on their sponsored by parents after completing their university or high school education or reaching 18 years, upon which the sponsored by parents shall be granted a one-year residence to be renewed for an additional year, as of the date of graduation of the university, obtaining high school certificate or reaching 18 years.

The ICA is no longer needed to apply under humanitarian cases item which previously required a security deposit of five thousand dirhams, as applications are being submitted currently through all service outlets provided by the ICA, especially e-channels and printing offices or General Directorates of Residency & Foreigners Affairs in UAE and all service centers of the ICA and in context of issuing or renewal of residence for sons and with a fee of 100 dirhams for a year of residence and the same fee for renewal for the same period.

The ICA stated that making use of this decision requires submission of the supporting documents including, a high school certificate, graduation certificate, or a statement from the university in which the son studied either inside the country or abroad duly certified for those who completed high school or university study.

The ICA assured its commitment to achieving the vision of the wise leadership to bring happiness to the UAE community and all those living on its territory; either citizen, resident, or visitor, and making it an oasis of family stability and social well-being, and one of the most attractive tourism destinations all over the world, especially in the field of family tourism and effectively participate in strengthening its economy through supporting the tourism sector and promoting shopping activities and increasing demand on different summer events organized by private and public sector institutions, as well as openness of the UAE and its endeavor to remain a crossroad of civilizations and cultures all over the world.

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