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“ICA” Board of Directors instructs to develop the electronic and smart services’ system

Focusing on customer happiness objective, and creating distinctive services that meet their aspirations

The Board adopts the “Chairman Award for Excellence” and inaugurates its first session next year

The necessity to follow up KPIs that measure the achievement levels in operations and services

Unprecedented services through the Validation Gateway and applying the new generation of Identity Verification System

ICA develops kiosk devices which provide 35 services including identity, nationality, and residency

The Board of Directors of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship emphasized the necessity of improving the electronic and smart system provided by the Authority which contributes to its customer happiness, achieves the highest satisfaction levels from one hand, and supports the government transition, and meets the requirements of UAE government program for the electronic and smart transition on the other hand.

The Board instructed to focus on customer happiness objective, and double the endeavors to create more distinctive services, which fulfill the aspirations of the citizens and even go beyond their expectations through applying the most recent technological development in the fields of identity verification and issuing passports and personal verification documents, moreover benefiting from the AI enablers in a manner that facilitates access to all the ICA’s services and saves the time and effort required to complete all the related procedures. Moreover, as well as it supports the UAE government’s direction towards providing its services everywhere at any time.

This came during the 4th meeting of the Board in 2018 which was held at the HQ of the General Directorate for Identity in Khalifa City at Abu Dhabi chaired by HE Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICA.

The Board drew the attention to the importance of the roles of all the ICA’s employees to enable the Authority to achieve its objectives and execute its projects as per the optimal standards of efficiency and effectiveness. He Stressing that the human resource is the main capital and the most important wealth that the Authority is keen to maintain by providing a positive and attractive work environment, and granting the excellent employees all kinds of incentives, as well as providing the factors that enable them to improve their abilities and skills and consolidate their creativity and innovation values.

The Board adopted the “ICA Chairman Award for Excellence” which will be starting its first cycle in the next 2019. The award depends on the application of the system of government excellence of the United Arab Emirates, in all its pillars and standards.

During the meeting, the Board reviewed a presentation on the electronic services offered by the Authority to individuals and institutions in order to facilitate procedures and reduce their dependence on customer happiness centers in obtaining the services they need, including the adoption of the ID number to complete the various types of transactions and the definition of the customer and obtain the basic data needed by the service provider to verify his identity.

The presentation included an explanation about the most updated services provided by ICA through the Validation Gateway through which the Authority will convert to the new generation of identity verification systems, as well as achieving the comprehensive transfer to e-signature and utilizing it in all the sale and purchase processes and daily transactions, in addition to its role to maintain a successful complete transition towards the digital identity services such as verifying the identity authenticity by using the mobile application in addition to the kiosk device through which the ICA provides 35 of the identity, nationality, and residency services.

The presentation included a summary of the developed version of the ICA smartphone application which provides all the services provided by the Authority to the individuals whether citizens or residents through activating the link between identity and the application. These services include the registration summary preview, preview/renew the passports of the father and children, besides the services of issuing, renewing, and replacing ID Card, and the residency issuance, and renewal on the sponsorship of residents, and issuing visit visas, etc. Moreover, reviewing the applications and inquiring about its progress, in addition to providing immediate chat services through the smartphone application.

The Board listened to a presentation on the performance indicators of a number of projects and initiatives executed by the Authority through 2018 and the achievement levels accomplished.

The Board stressed that all the directorates and sectors in the ICA shall follow up the performance indicators that measure the achievement levels of its operations and services and they should revise them periodically to ensure its compliance with the plans, and achieving the required results, and moving towards meeting the ICA strategic objectives. The Board noted the importance of using the indicators as tools for performance management and upgrading it to the best levels, and taking the necessary corrective procedures in case of recording any deviations from the identified indicators through providing accurate, updated, and integrated data that support the development process, and decision taking on different levels in ICA and enables the authority to endorse its journey in corporate excellence.

During the meeting, the Board reviewed a report about the executed decisions and recommendations submitted in its 3rd meeting and the achievement rates in each one of them. The Board also discussed a number of the topics listed in its agenda and took the appropriate decision in this regard.

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