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ICA Approves a Commemorative Stamp for Special Olympics World Games

Making it optionally available for all Abu Dhabi International Airport Travelers

Major General Al Rashidi: We offered facilitation for participants to make their visit to the State a unique experience

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship approved a stamp for Special Olympics World Games 2019, hosted by Abu Dhabi from 14 to 21 of this March. This came as an initiative, aiming at promoting Olympics being one of the most prominent world sports events for the People of Determination.

Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, Director General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports at ICA said that the stamp will be made available optionally for All Abu Dhabi International Airport Travelers during the period from 1-23 of this March. This aims at boosting and shedding the light at this world sport event, encouraging UAE visitors to participate in its events and attend the competitions organized in individual and team sports.

He further added that the stamp will not replace the entry and exit stamps. It will not bear any details except for the name and logo of the championship, as to be a commemorative stamp on the passports of those who like that, and an additional means for documenting this event, involving more than 7000 athletes from more than 170 countries participating in interesting competitions in 24 Olympic Games.

Al Rashidi has also stressed ICA’s eagerness to provide all the facilitations necessary to ease the participants’ mission in the championship. ICA is also keen on making their visit to the State a unique unforgettable experience and establishing UAE reputation worldwide as a home of happiness, tolerance, and fraternity. He noted that ICA has formed, in collaboration with the organizing committee, teams to meet and welcome the participants and complete the entry procedures within a few minutes. This will reflect the civilized side of the State as well as the noble traditions and customs of the Emiratis.

Rakan has praised UAE wise leadership’s interest in the People of Determination and its continuous directives to provide an ideal environment, enabling them to contribute to building the nation and attaining the achievements that would raise its flag in different international ceremonies and forums.

He further stressed ICA’s interest in the People of Determination and its commitment to provide them with all forms of support, being a vital and active part of the community. He recalled that ICA launched many initiatives to develop and scale up the services provided to this group to make them happy, including without limitation, exempting them from many of the services fees, facilitating registration in the Population Register System, delivering ID cards to their place of residence and entitling them for job opportunities within ICA.

In addition, he stated that the services provided by ICA to the People of Determination are consistent with the guidance of the wise leadership to meet the different ambitions and requirements of this group of people. It also guarantees them a decent life and active participation in all UAE events with the rest of the community. He emphasized that they constitute one of the most creative and giving community sectors that are keen on overcoming the challenges it faces and returns the favor to the State and its leaders.

It’s worth noting that the number of participants in the Olympics reaches around 7,000 athletes, supervised by around 2,500 coaches and administrators and accompanied by more than 8,000 members of the family, honor guests, and VIPs.

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