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ICA affirms its adoption of the best practices to develop its services and projects

During a forum reviewing Local and Federal Experiences in this area

Brigadier Al Dhaheri, Implementation starts from personnel, then to units until it reaches Institutions

ICA emphasized its keen on implementing the international best practices and adopting the latest ones across the various areas of its work including providing services, implementing projects, and launching initiatives. This in turn contributes to enhancing its path towards achieving sustained excellence and enabling the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

ICA has further stressed its keen on instilling and promoting the culture of excellence, creation, and innovation in its employees, to enable them to contribute to assuring the quality of all its operations, services, and procedures as well as committing to review, address and fulfill the objectives and practices associated with all customers’ needs.

This came during the Best Practices Forum organized by ICA at Bab Al Qasr Hotel in Abu Dhabi. During this forum, the experiences and initiatives of many local and federal authorities and institutions in this area were presented and discussed. It witnessed the participation of a group of experts, specialists, and decision-makers in many governments, private and academic institutions.

In his opening speech in the forum, Brigadier Mansour Ahmad Al Dhaheri, ICA Acting Director-General, has outlined the importance of exchanging and transferring unique knowledge and experience and deepening the culture of excellence among institutions to enable them to reach the methods and techniques for applying the best practices to implement and manage projects and initiatives. The in turn plays a vital and pivotal role in promoting their abilities to develop and make a change for the better.

He said that adopting best practices would definitely lead to promoting the excellence approach, developing services, and raising competitiveness among institutions. This in turn helps to reach best institutional systems working according to the highest standards of efficacy and effectiveness. Accordingly, this would contribute to supporting the government trend, which focuses on achieving customers’ happiness. It would also harness all efforts to serve the human being, the core of all efforts, projects, and plans. This can be achieved by a paradigm shift in providing efficient services, applying a set of standards related to the procedures speed, flow, and clarity of steps, availability of information, variety, and accessibility of channels, and other standards measured according to the service quality and its conformity to the expectations of the public.

Brigadier Al Dhaheri added that applying best practices should start from personnel, then to units and teams, and finally to institutions as a whole. This requires persistence and institutional knowledge from employees and officials and everyone shall perform its work enthusiastically. Besides, it requires encouraging innovation, performance enhancement as well as continuous and periodic review of goals and practices so that it would be updated and developed according to the latest customers’ needs and interests of institutions and the State.

The forum included 6 sessions. The first session discussed ICA experience in benefitting from the best practices through standardized comparisons and developing methodologies, presented by Lieutenant Jamal Salim AL Khateri, Director of ICA Strategy and Future Department. The second session addressed the best practices in the light of responsibility incurred by federal and local institutions towards supporting different social segments and its contribution to achieving youth, social, cultural, economic, and sports aspirations. Desert Shield team, the first community team in UAE promoting racing sports, Captain Ismail Matar Al Junaibi and Saed Al Shaqsi, Director of the principal manager for recruiting volunteers at Expo 2020, participated in the forum.

The third session tackled changing the service provision model, as a basis for the integrated journey concept and achieving a single government model to be followed by all entities. The session also addressed ADSSSA experience in providing the “TAMM” service. In addition, the fourth session it examined the role of “Public Accelerators” in speeding up the completion of projects, laws, and policies, establishing the culture of excellence and innovation in the government sector, and encouraging integration among different governmental entities and private sector presented by Dr. Sultan Shaali, Director of Government Accelerators under the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future.

During the fifth session, presented by Amer Muhammad Al Saygh, Director of the “Khalifa Sat” project in Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, participants learned about the best practices adopted to develop the UAE satellite project “Khalifa Sat”, produced in UAE by the finest UAE engineers. It is considered one of the best advances satellites worldwide. The sixth session, presented by Zayed Higher Organization for Human Care and Special Needs, discussed the institution’s role in social innovation and meeting the social needs in addition to finding sustainable solutions to develop vital sectors such as education, work, health…etc.

At the end of the Forum, Brigadier general Suhail Jumaa Al Khaili, ICA Acting Director-General, has honored all the participants in the forum events and offered them shields and certificates of appreciation, in the presence of Brigadier Al Dhaheri.

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