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ICA Achieves 100% Smart and Electronic Transformation

Web-based Services Provided with 90% Quality

Our aim is to make our services easily accessible to customers anywhere and anytime

ICA has achieved 100%, compared to 88.5% in 2016, compliance with the criteria of transforming its services to smart and electronic services, based on the findings of the report of the Smart Government Enablers Indicators annual evaluation 2017, issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (“TRA”).

The report commended the efforts exerted by ICA to promote the smart and electronic services provided to its customers, and the significant progress achieved in the last year’s indicators. It also appreciated ICA’s website compliance with the guide criteria that shall be considered by all UAE federal entities when developing and managing their websites, in terms of the quality of content, efficiency of design, website structure and accessibility, the effectiveness of social media, and e-participation, as well as marketing, scope and hosting.

As per the report, the quality of services provided by ICA through its website reached 90% compared to 81% in 2016 and the website quality has been increased from 83% to 99.06%. Besides ICA achieved an improvement from 86.2% in 2016 to 95% in 2017 in the area of raising awareness of the public services it provides.

TRA emphasized ICA’s constant cooperation, its keenness on achieving the evaluation requirements, tireless quest to enhance the quality of its smart and e-services, as well as its care for satisfying customers. TRA further appreciated ICA’s approach to upgrading its website in line with the latest designs and specifications, simulating the most recent digital developments in the area of programming, designing, and managing websites. It also acknowledged ICA’s application to the visible identity and supporting this with innovative ideas and its care for the effectiveness of the search engine to make the website user-friendly.

ICA confirmed that this achievement comes in line with its efforts to promote its services provided to customers and keenness on developing the various aspects of its institutional work, to be in harmony with the directions of UAE wise leadership, and contribute to achieving UAE Vision 2021 which aims at making UAE one of the World’s best countries by its Golden Jubilee.

Moreover, ICA explained that the aim of developing its website and its smart and electronic services is to facilitate customers’ access to the websites and facilitate the delivery of services anytime and anywhere. This aim comes in line with UAE transforming to a smart government and providing services to people around the clock and anywhere.

ICA further emphasized its continual focus on making its customers happy highly satisfied with its smart and electronic services, and this is periodically measured through the Happiness Index. This can be done by establishing appropriate development plans, monitoring their implementation, measuring their impact, facilitating and simplifying procedures, and improving users’ experience with each service. Besides, it develops communication channels provided to the customers in order to keep up with time and exceed their expectations. ICA prioritizes updating the website regularly to provide sufficient and useful services and information to all customers as well as launching smart services to meet their aspirations.

in last October, ICA launched its website with a new look. The website is designed in a modern and innovative style, enabling easy browsing through smooth and simple steps that the visitor takes to gain access to the required information. Additionally, the new website provides visitors with access to all the required services on the home page, thus, enabling customers to gain access to the required service with one click.

The new website provides e-services of ICA in a modern and interactive way designed according to the customers’ desires and based on the surveys and studies conducted by ICA to identify their preferences. Besides, the website gives priority to the highly demanded content.

The website also provides visitors with a new and unique service, as it keeps them aware of the waiting period at each of the ICA’s Customer Happiness Centers, the nearest center to them, and the time required to reach it. It worth noting that the website highlights ICA’s services for individuals and institutions, including issuing, renewing, and replacing ID cards, applying for exemption from the delay fees, and giving feedback and suggestions. Moreover, ICA provides its services to both the private and public sectors including, matching data and the Validation Gateway operations.

UAE e-Government is evaluating official websites of the federal government entities to ensure their conformity with international standards, including World Wide Web Consortium standards (W3C).

Websites evaluation is among the indicators used to measure electronic and network readiness in the World IT annual report issued by the Global Economic Forum, INSEAD Business School, and UN report about e-Governments.

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