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Emirates Identity Authority opens new registration center in Abu Dhabi

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H.E. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi calls for enhancing customer service concepts

Higher Management’s efforts and success in preparing the center over a short period of time are praised

Selection of the center’s location reflects the Emirates Identity Authority’s interaction relation and communication with the public

The center has excellent interior designs and world-class prestigious specifications in the service of the public

Employees are invited to follow a policy of good conduct through their genuine smiles and kind words

During his inspection tour he made in the sections of the new center, Al Raisi praised the Higher Management’s efforts and success in completing the preparations for the new center over a short period of time, as this reflects its determination and firm will to achieve the success required for its new strategy and the registration plan emanating from it.

Excellent Location

Al Raisi also praised the step made by the Emirates Identity Authority’s Higher Management as embodied in its excellent response to the results of the public opinion poll published on the Emirates Identity Authority’s website and hence its selection of this excellent location based on these results. This step reflects the communication relation and positive interaction between the Emirates Identity Authority and the public, he said.

Confidence and Hope

Al Raisi said he is confident that the new registration center in Abu Dhabi would contribute to raising the rates of registration for ID card and population register. He praised the high registration rates witnessed by all Emirates Identity Authority-affiliated registration centers which reflect the successful implementation of the Emirates Identity Authority’s new registration strategy.

Wonderful Designs

Al Raisi expressed his admiration of the new designs of the new registration center as well as its distinctive specifications, particularly those related to the spacious place, open areas and smooth movement of employees in an attractive work environment that ensures their convenience and help them perform their work skillfully and creatively and hence increase their production.

Customer Satisfaction

Al Raisi stressed the importance of carrying on work to enhance customer service concepts and exerting all efforts to meet the needs of customers and applicants and achieve the highest degree of satisfaction of the recipients of the Emirates Identity Authority’s services.

Good Conduct

Stressing the necessity to give concrete form to the Emirates Identity Authority’s vital values, Al Raisi highlighted the key role played by the Emirates Identity Authority’s employees in their capacity as the truthful mirror of their country in general and their Authority in particular. He pointed out that good conduct, genuine smile, kind word and prestigious method of dealing are the instruments of effective communication with the different categories of the society and contribute to raising the degree of their satisfaction.

Vital Objective

Al Raisi reiterated his confidence and conviction in the ability of the Emirates Identity Authority’s Higher Management to carry on successful implementation of its new strategy 2010-2013, move forward towards excellence and achieve its vital objective as embodied in registering all nationals and residents in ID card and population register as per the set time plans.

The Latest and Most Beautiful

It is worthwhile that the new registration center in Abu Dhabi, which is close to Al Wahda Mall and behind the main bus station, is the latest and most beautiful among the registration centers across the UAE. it has been established as per the world’s highest standards and specifications with the aim of providing distinguished services to customers, who are put on the Emirates Identity Authority’s top priorities.

The new center in Abu Dhabi will provide daily registration services to those of prior appointments through 15 registration lines including 9 for men and 6 for women.

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