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Emirates Identity Authority calls on customers to make sure of complete registration forms

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The Emirates Identity Authority has called on all customers and applicants who are to fill out electronic forms at its authorized typing offices to make sure that the required documents are complete and high resolution photos of their children are provided as per the Emirates ID’s specifications.

H.E. Mohamed Masoud Al Mazrouei, Executive Director of Population Register, Emirates Identity Authority, stressed the necessity for customers to provide the required documents to avoid the burden of visiting the typing offices again to correct the errors discovered in their transactions during the verification process.

He explained that the Emirates Identity Authority started to forward SMS to customers whose supporting documents were found by the Emirates Identity Authority’s internal verification offices to be incomplete. Examples of errors and missing documents included expired passports, non-abidance by the approved specifications related to the photos of children under 15 years and payment of pending fees which led transactions to be delayed or returned by the Emirates Identity Authority to the typing offices, he said.

Al Mazrouei pointed out that a transaction coming from the typing offices to the Emirates Identity Authority’s internal verification offices is rejected for either of the above three reasons and will be returned to the typing offices that filled it out.

The Emirates Identity Authority returned around 3,000 transactions to the typing offices and also forwarded SMS to the concerned customers in which they were invited to visit the typing offices again. The SMS contained the transaction number and the name of the typing center in which the electronic form had been filled out.

Al Mazrouei pointed out that by communicating with the call centre, customers will be able to know the nature of the error that occurred in their transactions as well as the type of documents that were missing in their original transactions and should be provided in their second visit to the typing offices.

In a bid to facilitate procedures for customers and applicants, the Emirates Identity Authority will allow those of incomplete transactions to correct the errors that occurred in their transactions at other typing offices at their discretion against a fee of AED5 that had already been agreed on with the typing offices, he said.

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